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Chinese Palm Line Reading: Finding Out Your Life Line

One of the three main lines in palmistry is the life line. The base of the thumb is where it begins, at the border of the palm between the thumb and forefinger. Some individuals believe that the line measures someone’s lifespan. In actuality, it mainly represents a person’s physical vigor and life force. It also predicts whether a person will develop serious diseases or get into accidents during their whole lives. With that being said, look at your hand or your loved one’s as you read through this article.

No line

It’s not a good omen if all of the other lines on a person’s palm are visible, but the life line is missing. It portends ill health and a brief lifespan. People without the life line are susceptible to illnesses and accidents during their entire life.


A long, deep, delicate, and pink life line denotes that a person is incredibly healthy and resistant to disease. Meanwhile, a short life line indicates their susceptibility to disease. It does not indicate a brief lifetime. People with a short life line are usually trustworthy,  however, they may be a bit reserved. Additionally, they are easily influenced or controlled by others in life.


A person is suited to a life of hard labor and is adept at sports if their life line is thick and clear. Meanwhile, a person is more susceptible to sickness if their life support is weak and ambiguous. Moreover, these people will experience hardship early on in their careers. However, it will become better in the latter years.


The base of a person’s thumb should have a swooping, semicircular lifeline to demonstrate their strength, energy, and passion. A person is likely to have low energy and be easily exhausted if their life line is straight and adheres close to their thumb. Additionally, they are very cautious with the people that they meet.


A secondary line that crosses the life line in front of it indicates a very high vitality, especially if they possess excellent disease resistance and the capacity to heal themselves after being sick. They may often rely on family members for additional strength and support.

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