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Chinese Snacks from Our Childhood

If there’s anything I remember from my childhood, it’s the snacks we used to get. Chinese snacks were always that delightful midpoint between trash and nutrition, as all great snacks are. There was always a nice balance between sweet and salty, crunchy and soft.

There were so many snacks available to us, I wonder which one we had in common. Here are a few from my childhood:

1. Rice Crackers

These are a staple snack in almost any Asian household and they usually come in packs of 2. They usually come in the shapes of circles and oblongs, and I’m pretty sure that hasn’t changed in the years that have passed. Nice and salty. Was a favorite when I was a kid, still a favorite now.

2. Haw Flakes

These little discs that we may have pretended to play communion with at some point in our lives. These tasty pinky-red discs were sweet and slightly sour treats that gave you enough energy to play ice ice water the rest of your lunch break.


3. Sha Qi Ma

Chinese version of rice crispies using bits of dough held together by sugar. WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

4. Barquillos

Also knows as egg rolls. These rolled up layers of thin wafer created a mess no matter how careful you are. Fun to eat, a struggle to clean up.

5. Champuy

Somewhere between a dessert and a snack. Nothing like a nice little bit of candied plum to perk you up. My dad goes through these like it’s nothing.

6. White Rabbit

We all knew this was going to be somewhere on the list. I refuse to believe that any Chinoy child escaped the clutches of the chewy White Rabbit. Not those fake brown ones that have become so common. The nice chew of the original White Rabbit that you’d be in shock when someone told you the candy’s inner plain paper wrapping was edible.

Such great memories of Chinese snacks. Which of these were part of your childhood? Did I miss any of your favorites?

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