Chinese Zodiac Forecast with Feng Shui Consultant Jean Yu-Chua

DLSU’s ENGLICOM, in partnership with KUMU, CHiNOY TV, Shopee, and Klean Kanteen presented the online event, ELC CNY Understanding Your HorOXscope 2021 with feng shui consultant Jean Yu-Chua.

So what’s in store for us this year?

This is the year of the Metal Ox, also known as the Golden Ox. According to Chua, it may bode well for financial gain. Depending on what career and profession you’re in, balancing your energies will uncover hidden wealth and opportunities. Get excited about new innovations and digital improvements. “Find your passion, find your interest,” she said.

It is also the year for healing, hoping, and transformation. Make sure to not only take care of your business and career, but of your heart and health as well. Chua also cautions  that this may be a rocky year for those in relationships. And for the single folks to really evaluate if they’re ready for a relationship before getting into one. For students, now is the time to look for mentors in your professors to guide you and begin making investments and planning for your future.

Chua also advises her clients to always be positive. “You cannot be super lucky or super unlucky. There will always be a balance.” She adds, “There will always be a roller coaster throughout the year and your thinking affects this. If you are negative thinking, you will attract negative vibrations, but if you always have positive thinking, you will attract positive energy.”

This year, Chua tells us that there are five animals that are in conflict with Tai Sui aka the Yearly God. All this means is that people with this zodiac sign should be just a bit more cautious. Those under the year of the sheep are in direct conflict with the Tai Sui. She notes that the animals that are directly opposite each other on the zodiac chart rarely get along, and their fates will butt heads on the zodiac’s year. They shouldn’t go into business together or be involved in each other’s finances and investments.

The dragons this year are the Destructive Tai Sui, which means they will easily be distracted. It’s advised that they stay focused and single-minded in their tasks and goals so they can achieve success. The dog is the Punishment Tai Sui and will be experiencing many stressful situations, but Chua reminds you to not be so negative. Don’t stress yourself out so much overwork and academics and take care of your mental health. The horse is the Harm Tai Sui which means physical harm so be cautious with your physical activity.




The Challengers

The challengers are the sheep, ox, dog, horse, and dragon. Things you plan this year won’t go so smoothly. There will also be a lot of attention and responsibilities. Don’t be too confrontational this year. Try to keep your cool.  The dog and dragon should be especially cautious and try to not micromanage. Sit back and relax and let your team execute your plans.

The Leaders

You will be leading the tasks this year. The Rabbit will gain additional wisdom and be able to foresee which connections and businesses will succeed. The Pig has the traveling star, which means that your approach to business will attract a lot of people to you. It will be easy for you to promote and get a wide reach. The Rat and the Ox are secret friends, which will bring you luck this year.

The Wealth Explorers

There will be many opportunities to gain wealth and income. The Monkey will have many good opportunities for you to explore this year. But be sure that the opportunities you take, you’re confident in so that you can maintain it for a long time. The Tiger will have promotion luck, as well as achievement and recognition luck.

Because the snake is also one of the allies of the ox, you will also have many opportunities, but be selective! Filter the opportunities that come and choose only those you’re passionate about. Opportunities for the Rooster to grow and learn will be plentiful this year. Your suggestions will be gratefully appreciated by the people you work with.

The Rat

You’ve got the illness star so be careful with your health. Eat healthy and work out well. Yearly conflict is also under your zodiac so be careful about confrontation.

The Ox

You have the prosperity star which means everything you invest in will double up. Whether you invest in business, your studies, relationships, or anything else, you will see a profit.

The Tiger

You also have the prosperity star! But at the same time, don’t be overconfident because you also have the robbery star where your ideas may be stolen from you, especially for business.

The Rabbit

You’ve got the scholastic star that will help you learn new things and become more innovative. The relationship star will also help you choose your partners correctly, whether it be romantic, platonic, familial, or business partners. Seek more advice this year, and share your feelings with someone you trust so you can avoid disaster.


The Dragon

You have the five yellow star which causes misfortunes, like in your relationships or your plans getting ruined. To counteract this, you’re encouraged to do some charity work and do good for the community.

The Snake

You also have the five yellow star so be careful with your money! Don’t be too easily enticed by online advertisements and the newest items. Depending on how you spend your money, it could mean future benefits, but spend smartly. The big auspicious star means that good news is coming your way so prepare yourself for that as well.

The Horse

The victory star is in your favor, so even though you’re in conflict with the Tai Sui, you will still be lucky with the outcome of things that you do. Try to push yourself and have the courage to start. This is the year things will turn out in your favor.

The Sheep

You must exert extra effort this year. You have the sui po star, which means you will spend easily on things that aren’t important. You also have the quarrel star, so be careful of legal concerns and battles. Pay attention to things you sign and take note of all the details.

The Monkey

The heaven seal star will help you with your promotions and your career. However, the quarrel star is also in your area. So be careful of to whom, how, and what you say things. Because of your luck, you will also attract jealousy and haters.

The Rooster

You have the wealth star! You have a lot of opportunities to gain and grow this year. Your business will expand, but be cautious of your timing. Still plan your moves properly and don’t overload your plate.

The Dog

You have the violence star, so try to stay healthy through exercise, but don’t overwork yourself. Avoid things that may put you in the way of physical harm. But this is the year for you to expand your business or explore new business ideas, but don’t be too hasty. Surround yourself with good mentors and people to help guide you with your choices this year.

The Pig

This zodiac sign also has the violence star, so be careful of physical fights, and getting into altercations. But you also have the sky horse, which means you have great connections that you can maximize this year.

Moreover, different years correspond to different elements so the zodiacs with the Fire, Earth, and Wood elements this year will actually be lucky.



Feng Shui for the Home

In terms of Feng Shui and interior arrangements, you must first know the orientation of your house before rearranging your furniture. Arrange your areas according to your needs to maximize the energies in your home. For example, the people in the South West area of your home may be prone to picking fights and quarreling with other people in the household. The wealth is good in the Western area, so doing business there would be best.



Wishing you all a prosperous Year of the Metal Ox!


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