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Chinita Tips: Makeup Artist Shares How You Can Up Your Makeup Game

“I want bigger eyes!”

According to Nate Javier, a makeup artist who works under Team Albert Kurniawan, 99% of his Chinita clients always have this request. Being only one of the many concerns they have, it’s evident that Chinitas want specific looks to complement their Asian face. And for some, they’re having a hard time doing it themselves, or simply unaware of what to do. Nate shares some makeup tips and tricks for Chinitas like you to achieve a bomb makeup look!

Photo from Nate Javier

First Things First

Before anything else, Nate consults with his clients to ensure that they’re on the right direction. He would ask if they have a makeup “peg” in mind or how they want their makeup to look like. “Some Fil-Chi people want dramatically bigger eyes while some want a more natural, skin-focused approach to makeup,” he shares. Not everyone wants the same thing so it’s essential that both the artist and the client are aligned.

Photo from Nate Javier

A Full-Proof Base 

With Nate working as a professional makeup artist for over five years now, he mentioned that it is a common practice among experienced makeup artists to not use products with rose, rosehip, or rose water since many Chinese are allergic to it. Whether it be in primers, moisturizers, or even in some makeup products, he makes sure that everything he uses are free from these possible allergens. It’s also best to use yellow-toned foundations and concealers since most Asian skin have warm undertones.

Bigger and Brighter Eyes

Being the one of the most common concerns of Chinitas, achieving the look of bigger eyes is a priority for their makeup look. According to Nate, you should keep your eyes light and well-blended to avoid the illusion of having a muddy shadow around the eyes. “Too big or too dark a shadow will make the eyes smaller. I avoid using black eyeliner because it eats up lid space and can look too harsh for baby-faced Asians,” he emphasizes. As an alternative, Nate uses a brown eyeliner instead for a softer effect.

Aside from the eye makeup itself, lashes are also a big player in making your eyes pop. One of Nate’s secret weapons are false lashes. Whenever he would do a Chinita client’s makeup, he would always bring with him his best pairs of falsies to really open their eyes. “Applying the right shape and size also matters, you don’t want too much of a cat eye effect. It can make the eye too ‘mataray.’ For chinitas, a rounder lash will make the eyes into a more ideal almond shape,” he points out. Aside from the shape, Nate also ensures that it’s the right length and thickness to suit the eyes of his clients.

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Setting It Right

Having worked with big names in the Fil-Chi community such as Camille Co, among others, it’s safe to say that Nate’s makeup prowess when it comes to Chinitas is on point. However, it’s important to note that before anything else, you must also know what works best for you. “I always like to say that when it comes to makeup you should find what works for you. What works for one may not work for everyone else and what works for everyone else may not work for one,” he emphasizes.

Now that you’re all set, it’s time to pull out your makeup brushes, palettes, and try it out yourself!

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