Chinkee Tan : Making Our Choice in the Road Less Traveled as a Motivational Speaker

“Nag sumikap sila sa kanilang buhay kaya sila nag tagumpay. Gawin nating inspirasyon ito sa ating buhay”

We all need that one person who can show us how important money is in our lives. So many people understand the value of money, but few understand how to manage it.

Not only that, but someone who can show us that rooting for others is preferable to competing against them. Life isn’t about being better than the other person; it’s about getting through your life’s challenges and focusing on your goal so that you can be the kind of person you’ve always wanted to be.

We invited a speaker to our Chinoy Podcast Network webinar to teach us how to manage our finances. For this, Chinkee Tan is who you’re looking for.

Chinkee Tan, also known as “Pambansang Wealth Coach,” had an impact on not only business owners but also teenagers and aspiring business owners. For sure you’ve heard of Chinkee Tan if you’re in business or if you’re looking for ways to manage your finances. His name is trending on social media. Even short clips of his speech have been shared on Facebook and Tiktok.

Chinkee Tan is an influential author who has written 14 best-selling books and sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Not only that, but he is also a Chink Positive Radio & TV Personality on Radyo Singko 92.3 News FM, Mag Badyet Tayo! With TinTin Babao on One PH and Raket Science on One PH.

Chinkee Tan, a motivational speaker on money, mind, and success, has been through a lot over the years, which has made him a man full of wisdom. To give back, he decided to teach people how to manage their lives by making wise decisions and assisting them in saving, budgeting, getting out of debt, and investing.

People were able to adopt his very direct words to wake up to the way they see life and their situations, and to learn that choosing yourself plus what makes you happy and then being practical in life will be one of your greatest fulfillments.

On September 9, 2021, at 4:00-5:30pm, learn about how he discovered his passion for teaching others and became a motivational speaker in The Power of Our Voice: Making Our Choice on the Road Less Traveled, an exclusive webinar by CHiNOY Podcast Network and CHiNOY TV.

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