Chinoy Celebrities Celebrating Milestone Birthdays in 2021

Another year, another birthday. Not just for us, but for a couple of our favorite Chinoy celebrities, too! While it seems like some of them have found ways to get around the aging process, even sharing their secrets to looking youthful. For other celebs, staying healthy and eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables are key to their youthful glow. And they.may be able to maintain it, too, despite turning another year older.

Let’s take a peek at which Chinoy celebs have celebrated or are about to celebrate their landmark ages this 2021.

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino celebrated her 50th birthday this year. She celebrated not with a lavish dinner party with her friends and family, but rather by raffling off some cash to her followers on social media. On February 14, she decided that instead of receiving gifts on her birthday, she would be doing the gifting to the tune of Php 5,000.00.

All her followers had to do was use the hashtag, #happybirthdaykris, and they would automatically qualify! Twenty-five lucky followers on Instagram and 25 more on Facebook were randomly chosen by Kris and her team.

The mom and media personality celebrates every year with gratitude, with Bimby achieving first honors, Josh enjoying life in Tarlac, and most especially being grateful she’s alive and doing well, despite her health challenges. Furthermore, her father was assassinated at the age of 50, so it’s something she reflected on while celebrating reaching that age milestone.


Jose Mari Chan

The famous Christmas crooner will be celebrating his 75th birthday this year! He keeps his personal life private and out of the public eye, so we’re not really sure how he usually celebrates. But seeing how his songs usually revolve around love and family, it’s likely that he’ll be celebrating his birthday like he celebrates his Christmas holidays — enjoying the company of his family.


Katrina Halili

The actress/model/businesswoman turned 35! She usually spends her birthdays at tapings and shootings, celebrating with the cast and crew. Other birthdays are spent with her family for dinners. During some years, she’s surprised by her friends. She also probably enjoys birthdays she spends with her daughter, Katie. No big parties here.


Dennis Trillo

Abelardo Dennis Florencio Ho celebrates his 40th birthday this year! Usually, Dennis would share sweet greetings on Instagram with his significant other, Jennelyn Mercado. Last year, he celebrated his 39th birthday in lockdown, but his 38th was spent in Dubai with Jennelyn, and birthdays before that were spent in an assortment of beaches and other countries. This year, he might have to arrange for a staycation surrounded by Jennelyn and his son, Callix.


These are the Chinoy celebrities hitting notable ages in 2021! How are you celebrating your birthday this year?

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