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Chinoy Celebrities: What Kept Them Busy During the Lockdown

Ever wondered what our beloved Chinoy celebrities did to keep themselves busy during the community quarantine? As many of them took a break from the limelight, they tried to make use of their time, learning new skills, conceptualizing projects, giving back to the community, and so much more. 

Here’s what some of your favorite Chinoy celebs were up to during lockdown:

Gretchen Ho

Newscasters do a constant and honorable service to the public, updating them with the state of the world during the pandemic. One of these notable people in the newscasting scene is Gretchen Ho who continued to work as an anchor, segment host, and field reporter of various ABS-CBN programs.

When the broadcasting network shut down, Ho launched her own brand and online platform called, “Women in Action,” in April 2020. Through the platform, she aims to create a “safe place” where she and anyone else can share their stories, especially “happinews” and their stories of action during the pandemic.

“Being a woman-in-action is also a vision, because it is who I strive to be every day — a woman who advocates for positive change, and makes change happen in her community one step, one move and one action at a time,” Ho wrote on the said website. 

She also started the “Donate A Bike, Save A Job” campaign that helped provide more than 1,000 bicycles to help people get to work and more during the height of the public health crisis. 

Her service as a newscaster continues as she officially transferred to TV5 last January 2021. On social media, she posted, “Excited to grow in this new journey ahead.”


Heart Evangelista

Not only did this Chinay actress vlog, cook, and paint throughout the lockdown, she also utilized her social media platforms to help those who were in need. Evangelista made it a point to channel her energy and daily routine to respond to cries for help during the pandemic. She reached out to countless people who were in need of medical and financial aid by sending money to them. 


Slater Young

Aside from being a family man, Slater Young got the chance to spend most of his time at home with his wife, Kryz Uy, and their baby. Upon realizing that he and his wife tend to have deep and meaningful conversations, they decided to share their ideas and tips with the world. They made a podcast called, “Skypodcast,” during the pandemic. In it, they talk about anything and everything, such as personal and family issues.


Richard Poon

Chinoy singer Richard Poon is truly husband goals! During the lockdown, he dedicated his time tot perfecting and conceptualizing online advertisements and publicity to help his wife Maricar Reyes’s online bakery business. Reyes has been baking since 2015 and her husband has always been supportive of her, even helping out in the baking process


Kim Chiu

Take that mistake and turn it into a masterpiece! The beloved Chinita Princess Kim Chiu did not settle as her bashers continued to laugh and ridicule her with the actress’ infamous “bawal lumabas” statement that she made in defense against the closing of ABS-CBN. However, Chiu didn’t let the opportunity go to waste. During the lockdown, she turned her “bawal lumabas” statement into a musical hit, successful merchandise, and a television series that she continues to work on until now.

The official Bawal Lumabas Series poster.

On social media, she wrote:

“It is not how many times you fall; it is how you stand up after that fall. Life doesn’t stop in a specific honest mistake. Life is a cycle of Ups and Downs; it is a matter of how well we ride through that smooth and bumpy road. Kapit lang!!! Some say, “proud ka sa kabobohan mo.” I don’t care. Kailangan lang ng acceptance. It just shows that we are all the same; we make mistakes; we are human, and as a Filipino, tinatawanan lang din natin ang pagkakamali natin lalo na pag nalampasan mo na ang problema at alam mo sa sarili mo na walang kang inapakang tao. Looking back ang sarap nang pagtawanan at nasabi mo sa sarili mo. Salamat hindi ka sumuko. Salamat sa inyo sa leksyong hatid nito sa buhay ko. Bawal Lumabas the classroom song now streaming!!!!! Now Available for download!  BAWAL LUMABAS BAWAL LUMABAS AY! Pede na pala ikaw lumabas!!!!”


With the pandemic, the stars continue to find ways to keep on shining. It may not be under the spotlight, but it does make a huge impact on their lives and the community.

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