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Chinoy Checklist On Relationships

Just in case you haven’t noticed, dating a Chinoy is a tad bit different from other cultures through its tradition, values, etc. Although the basics of a relationship such as through the process of meeting, dating, then marriage still applies, there are just some aspects that Chinoys are finding in relationships! Here we ask 8 Chinoys on their relationship checklist!

Chua, 22
“I want someone who continually strives to be the best version of herself. In the same sense, I want someone who brings out the best in me. This is because while no one is perfect, we ought to continue growing in different aspects — intellectually, maturity, spiritually, etc.  By doing this, we then can become co-independent with our chosen partner. With regard to preference, I want someone who is Chinese. The reason is that I want someone who grew up with a similar background and culture as me. Furthermore, many Chinese women are also business-minded.” 

Dee, 19
“The main aspects that I look for in a guy is someone who is business-minded and understanding. I want someone who is hardworking and smart when it comes to handling money so that I can depend on him and we can build a good future together. I want him to be understanding so that he can push me to reach my potential without being too hard on me.”

Lee, 20
“Generally, I prefer someone kind with focused goals in life. Mature enough that he wouldn’t spend too much time and money on games and trivial things just as how some are now.”

Lim, 20
“I would like someone smart that knows how to manage their finances! Definitely a very important aspect.”

Mendoza, 20
“In the future, aside from wishing for a Chinese gentleman, I would want to date someone who is accustomed to basic Chinese culture such as being respectful to my parents and understanding Chinese superstitions that we usually follow, for example, no building of anything during Ghost Month!”

 Tieng, 20
“My relationship checklist for a girl that I would be dating is that she would be knowledgeable on values and beliefs of the Chinese culture such as knowing the basics on Chinese zodiac signs may it be for fun or facts.”

Ornido, 20
“My ideal person is someone who is passionate and outgoing, and in addition to that, accustomed to the Chinese culture as well! Like, knowing how to speak basic mandarin/hokkien.”

Yap, 21
“I would like someone with a direction in life and career, respectful, down to earth and inclusive, and especially NOT a supremacist that looks down on others.”

Have you noticed the similarities and differences of these Chinoys’ relationship checklist? Unlike the Western culture, Asians (specifically Chinoys for this article) see dating in the long run! Most wouldn’t date unless they can see a future with that person. Although it is already the 21st century, most Chinoys still prefer the traditional way of courting and dating. To end, here is a reminder from the late John Gokongwei, “Deciding on the one you marry is the most important decision you’ll ever make.” This decision will dictate the rest of your life so we must choose WISELY.

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