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Chinoy Chef Recipe: Chicken Miso Katsu

Do you love Japanese food? Then, you’re in luck! Raimund Ngui, a Chinoy chef, shares with us his original recipe, Chicken Miso Katsu. 

Ngui, a graduate student from Enderun Colleges, previously worked in a high-class Japanese restaurant called Katsuya in Miami Beach, Florida. He specializes in Japanese, Mediterranean, French, and Italian cuisine, and owns a small establishment called, Ray Ray’s, which serves high-class Japanese food at affordable prices and excellent taste.

What makes Ngui’s Chicken Miso Katsu different from the other chicken katsu recipes out there is that it’s served with a miso demi-glace sauce. Although this is an original creation of Ngui, he took inspiration from a dish that he tasted in his visit to Nagoya, Japan. 

Here is the recipe:



Chicken deboned (thigh part)





Curry paste (Japanese)

Ryu chili oil




1. Sear both sides of the chicken evenly.

2. Place eggs, potato starch, and panko for the drench for frying.

3. Have the chicken fried until it gets golden brown. 

4. For the sauce, place the oil from the chicken that was seared with the curry pasta and mizuame, add a cup of water and have it reduced.

5. Place scallions for the garnish.



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