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Chinoy Chow: Chinoy Food Tour in Davao with Valerie Tan and Davao Food Guide

In partnership with Globe Business, CHiNOY TV launched a three-part food series showcasing various Chinoy food hotspots all over the country. Valerie Tan took us to an exciting world of Filipino-Chinese cuisine, from popular restaurants to hidden gems. 


Davao is the most populous city in Mindanao and the third-largest city in the country. Host  Valerie Tan was joined by the owner of Davao Food Guide, Diane Sia, on this exciting food trip. 

One of the oldest establishments in Davao is Davao Famous Restaurant which has been running for more than 40 years and is currently owned by its third-generation heir, Anthony Jason Li. It’s famous for its siopao. Valerie and Diane got a taste of their soft mini pork asado and sweet and sour fish.  

The restaurant was founded by three Chinese migrants, one of whom was Anthony’s grandfather. Their recipes were preserved and passed down as each new generation managed the restaurant. 

Anthony shared that, as a foodie who didn’t intend to work as an employee forever, Davao Famous Restaurant was the perfect fit for his career. Running a family business, Anthony learned to work hard and to keep a close eye on where the money goes. He placed importance on staying connected online with customers as it helped their business grow.

Diane Sia brought Valerie Tan to Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps as she considered it the benchmark for crabs and shrimps dishes in Davao. The owner of the restaurant, Anthony Ang, set a table filled with seafood dishes, including fried garlic crabs, Valerie’s favorite dish in the restaurant. With bibs on, the hosts smashed the crab claws and feasted on meaty crabs.

Anthony mentioned that, as an F&B provider, you cannot please everyone. Not everyone would call your food delicious. However, one could sense the passion Blue Posts infuses onto their seafood dishes.

Their next stop was Asian Cow by Patrick Co, an open-kitchen restaurant that serves Asian cuisine prepared by none other than Patrick Co. In this episode, we watched the celebrity chef cook up their famous boneless fried chicken in a hot wok and serve it to Valerie. The chef noted that his dish had a Filipino and Chinese taste to it.

His parents were involved in housewares which, in a way, guided him to the world of F&B. They taught him to be prudent in managing expenses. Patrick heavily relies on technology in running his business, adding that wifi and an iPad enabled him to own a powerful POS. It was important to him to catch up with the new trends and technology to be able to stay afloat.

Their final stop was Justine Tiu’s house. Justine is the owner of Cuore Cuisine, a provider of savory and homemade pasta platters. Cuore means “heart” in Italian and Cuore Cuisine launched during the lockdown when her parents urged her to open up her business. 

Valerie and Diane took forkfuls of each of Justine’s platters, including her best-selling lasagna platter baked to perfection. Justine shared that she had to purchase a second oven to keep up with the surge of orders. As a purely online business, she relied solely on social media to attract customers. 

When Justine started out, she didn’t know anything about managing a business. Along the way, she learned that staying consistent was key. Her entrepreneur parents’ advice to her was to be truthful and accountable for what she promised her customers. 

And with a full belly, Valerie and Diane’s fulfilling food trip in Davao’s biggest Chinoy food hub came to an end. Missed the premiere? Watch it here.

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