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Chinoy Entrepreneurs Share Tips On How To Start A Fashion Business

Many successful businesses are born out of a consumer need for a product, which Chinoy entrepreneurs Denice Tiu and Mary Ferrer had honed when they first started their online fashion business.

1)  How did you start-up your own fashion business? What’s the story?

It started with our shared passion for fashion design. We are both in the design field and we believe clothes were another way to express our creativity. We wanted designs that were chic and functional.

2) What are the essential resources that you think help you grow your start-up?

Finding the right people to work with to help us execute our vision and definitely, clear communication to get our ideas across.

3) How do you look for inspiration?

First, we decide on a color palette that fits our aesthetic for the season. Then, we decide what we want our collection to convey while keeping the current trends and our design philosophy in mind.

4) What were the challenges you encountered during the process?

Meeting production deadlines and growing our online presence.

5) How were you able produce “sales” given you were just starting out?

We started by joining bazaars and creating an online presence. Subsequently, we joined a concept store.

6) What were the “small wins” you’ve experience while putting up a start up?

Getting repeat customers, being able to work in photoshoots with influencers and friends. Also, having our pieces worn by famous celebrities were small wins for us that brought us joy.

7) Lastly, advices you’d give to people who are interested in building their own fashion clothing business.

Have fun with your designs. There will always be challenges to overcome but this will help you grow and thrive.

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