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Chinoy Fashion Scoop: How To Edge Up A Conservative Look

Remember when we weren’t allowed to go inside school campus if we don’t comply with the strict dress code? For most Chinese schools, following the dress code was a priority, and failing to do so will result in disciplinary penalties. So how about us fashionistas who loves to dress up and play around with clothes? How do we cop a look that wouldn’t go against the school rules? Here are some ways you can do to style yourself conservatively while still looking edgy!

1) The “May Chissmiss” Look 

Let’s start with the basics – a crop top and wide-leg trousers. You might be thinking… Aren’t crop tops not allowed in school? Even showing a little sneak peek of your tummy tum can get you reprimanded. So, how about this? Why not try an oversize crop top! Check out how Chinoy TV host Janeena Chan pulls off the look!

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2) Layer, Layer, Layer…

There would be days when we want to look chic and feminine. But, as much as we want to pull off that morning dress, the school won’t allow it especially if it’s sleeveless or short in length. So, why not try layering? Layer that dress with a simple turtle neck or a basic t-shirt!

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3) The “Shorts” Problem 

Don’t get me started on shorts! Everyone wants to wear shorts especially in PH’s hottest weather. We all need shorts to feel that easy breeze feeling underneath our legs. But, how are supposed to wear shorts at school? Have you ever thought of stockings? Not those thick winter stockings! We’re talking about those light fabric and dark-colored hosiery.

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If wearing stockings is too much, you can also try adding a windbreaker to your #OOTD! 


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4) Oversize Clothes! 

There’s one thing we adore about wearing oversize clothes – it gives the illusion of looking tall because our legs are emphasized. If you’re going for a conservative-edgy look try an oversize hoodie or an oversize collar shirt!


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