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Chinoy Lifestyle Vlogger Valerie Tan shares her #CondoGoals

When it comes to pursuing paradise, proactive choices must constantly be made. 

This is why lifestyle vlogger, Valerie Tan, has chosen to embark on a trip to one of the most rapidly progressing cities in the North — San Fernando, Pampanga! In a video feature with CHiNOY TV, Valerie Tan explores the tropical wonders of Century Properties’ Azure North, a residential development that features an exceptional variety of resort-themed amenities, including in-house concierge services, a shoreside clubhouse, and its very own man-made beach.

“I’m so excited to be here. I’m actually very intrigued with this hybrid mix of resort slash residential living,” revealed Valerie, right at the start of the tour. 

Valerie, like many others looking for a comfortable place to settle, has a criteria that she hopes to check off when exploring her potential future home. Accompanied by real estate marketing executive and interior stylist Jules Cruz, Valerie takes this residential hunt as an opportunity to share what she imagines her ideal living space to be:


1. An investment into the future

Valerie has come to Azure North because she recognizes the importance of investing in the future, whether it be an upcoming living arrangement or a potential retirement home. Not only does Azure North offer your very own personal abode with the leisures of the beach, but is also more than within the reach of the city’s conveniences. 

Those looking for diverse options may be pleased to find that Azure North units come in three layouts — the studio, the one-bedroom unit, and the two-bedroom unit — presenting a home that has all the makings of the life that you have always dreamed about.  

“This place is your blank canvas for your dream lifestyle,” said Jules. “Azure North is perfect for you, especially if you want a resort-inspired lifestyle.”


2. A residential pocket of tropical relaxation

A one-bedroom unit at Azure North is about 69 to 73 square meters; featuring wide open spaces, luxury vinyl flooring, HDF door panels, and white-painted cement walls, all of which make for a prime and versatile template for creative interior design. 

“It’s such an inviting space to entertain guests,” remarked Valerie as she explored a model one-bedroom unit at the Azure North. “I love it! It has a very beachy vibe.” 


Azure North model unit at the Sales Pavilion.


“It’s easy to achieve this interior design setting because you don’t have to spend so much on renovation works,” explained Jules. 

“I love that! You know, Chinese thriftiness is a value, so it’s good that I won’t be spending extra on those,” Valerie jokingly commented.

Another Chinese value to appreciate is getting one’s value for money. In addition to the actual living space, Azure North’s amenities also include a well-equipped clubhouse, a man-made beach, a wave pool, and a lap pool to complete the resort-inspired experience. 


3. A breathable space of good energy 

For Valerie, one of the most important factors in considering the potential of a home is whether or not it possesses a great sense of space, balance, and harmony. With its floor-to-ceiling windows and with open access to both the kitchen and outdoor balcony, a unit at Azure North features enough space that is both light and non-restrictive.

“I can see myself sleeping comfortably here. It looks so bright and airy,” said Valerie appreciatively.  “I love that good energy flow —  that good chi at home.” 


Azure North standard bare units.


4. A recreational center of activity

One of the finest things in life is food, and having access to some great culinary finds is a key component in everyone’s condo-hunting plans. An exciting fact that Valerie loves about Azure North is that it is located in Pampanga — the foodie capital of the Philippines.  

“You know what, Jules? One thing I love about Pampanga is the exquisite food,” Valerie pointed out. 

“That’s right,” agreed Jules. “And not only that, [but Pampanga is] also known for its fashion, furniture, and festivals. The biggest advantage of being here in Azure North is you’re right at the exit of San Fernando in NLEX, which puts you at the heart of a prime commercial district.”

Tucked into the San Fernando urbanscape, Azure North is a summer paradise that is literally one step away from the city. Watch the full tour of this resort-style residential community here: 


Your #condogoals are now closer than ever. Azure North, widely lauded to be one of several world-class projects developed by the multi-awarded Century Properties Group, has already begun the turnover process for its condo units at Azure North’s Monaco and Bali Towers. The wave pool will be delivered by the end of the year while outdoor amenities such as the clubhouse, beach pool, and bar are scheduled for completion in 2022. 

Luxuriate in the wonders of the tropics, and log on to Inquire about flexible payment terms with any of our property specialists, and keep an eye out for exclusive discounts alongside Azure North’s newest interim in-house financing program. Your future home may just be a click away!

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