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How to Keep Bonds that Last According to Alfonso ‘Achit’ Kaw

Despite his passing last November 2019, Lucio ‘Bong’ Tan Jr. continues to be remembered through the stories his family and friends tell. One of those friends is Alfonso ‘Achit’ Kaw who in his CHiNOY Profiles, shared some stories on his close friendship with Bong Tan.

Along with those stories were words of wisdom one could take note of when keeping, mending, and creating lasting relationships, both platonic and romantic. Here are some of them:

Realize That You Aren’t Alone

During a time when Tan was feeling particularly down, Kaw pointed out that what was missing from him was his closeness to his family. Kaw then elaborated by saying that he could have all the success in the world but it would never mean anything without having the people you care for be with you.

Bong Tan Achit Kaw
Have Immense Support for Each Other

Tan and Kaw’s bond was very strong. From traveling abroad to partaking in basketball leagues, the two made sure they were for each other. If ever one of them had a game, the other would always make sure to be there early to show their support!

Do Good Unto Others

These words were advice that Tan passed on to Kaw. The whole quote in summary means that those who do good will be given good karma. For them, this is an essential part of building a lasting friendship as it establishes how you’ll both treat one another.


And there you have it–three things you need to know to make a friend.


If you want to learn more about the two Chinoys’ friendship, watch our extended cut of Alfonso Kaw’s life!

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