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Matthew Cua Proves That Success Isn’t Just About Titles and Fame

Matthew Cua is the founder of SkyEye Analytics, a service company that makes, customizes, and utilizes drones for different kinds of projects like for research or disasters. It’s not something that many businessmen venture into, but Cua is not like many businessmen.

A different kind of upbringing

Cua knew that he was different. Growing up a sickly kid, he didn’t play outside as most kids did. Tinkering with items in the house, like the computer, got him busy instead.

This led to an interest in making things, a passion he’d have until his adulthood.

Matthew Cua

College roots

Cua studied at the Ateneo de Manila University. There he took up a degree in Management with Applied Chemistry. He also took another degree in the same university, MS Environmental Science with the field of study on Disaster Risk Reduction, Air Quality, Sustainable Business Operations.

The academe would be the starting point for SkyEye Analytics as it was initially a university research project initiated in 2009.

The rise of an innovative talent

Before his post as the Founder and CEO of SkyEye Analytics, Cua was shaped and formed by his many past positions.

He was the President and Chief Technology Officer at Awesome Lab Inc., Managing Director at Ateneo Innovation Center, Interim General Manager at Best Engineered Technological Corporation, Sr. Research Innovator of Applied Sciences, and President at Free Love Philippines. 

Because of his energetic and entrepreneurial spirit, Cua is known to his colleagues as the “Crazy Squirrel”!

Matthew Cua

Success behind the scenes

Cua proves that success is not always about being known to people or earning large profits.

Through his company, he shows that success can also mean being able to help communities– being able to make social change, even if it means doing it behind the scenes. This is the type of success his company has achieved now and it is something he is very proud of.

From certified research papers to hundreds of trials and errors with their research and work on drones, it took many years of grit and hard work to build SkyEye Analytics. Now the tech company is trusted and partners with the Philippine Government and the U.N. in times of disasters.


Cua’s story is an inspiring one for many and for those who wish to delve into the world of technology, disaster management or social work. If you wanna know more about this eccentric personality, be inspired and check out his extended CHiNOY profiles here:

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