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CHiNOY TV Episode Recap: Piecing Together Opportunities, Teams, and the Mosaic Realty and Development Corporation

CHiNOY TV’s Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart: Beyond Borders is back with its latest episode! This time, the spotlight shines upon the Mosaic Realty and Development Corporation, a rising boutique real estate company that challenges the industry with an executive team of young innovative minds. Aiming to define their place in the market, CEO Jardin Wong, COO Jillian Sze, and Director Miguel Tan reveal the story of how their joint venture came to be and discuss the idea behind their ambitious maiden project, the Silhouette, a 19-storey modern residential condominium that uniquely provides a one-unit-per-floor offering for the country’s elite.

Here are some Chinoy tips of advice that viewers can take away from the episode:


Take initiative to piece together the opportunities you have. 

Even prior to working together, Wong, Sze, and Tan have already engaged in major roles and responsibilities in their respective family businesses. Jardin Wong, for instance, had already gathered years of experience in the real estate world during his time at Golden Bay Landholdings. Jillian Sze, on the other hand, initially built her career in the international corporate sphere during her stint in P&G’s headquarters in Switzerland, before returning to work with her family in the Philippines. 

One memorable Sunday, however, Wong took stock of his hard-earned experiences and felt that he was ready for something new and personal. He then invited his father to a coffee date and shared his plans to create a business of his own. Shortly after, Wong decided to take the first step in creating what would now be the Mosaic Realty and Development Corporation by asking long-time family friend Jillian Sze to become his partner. Later, the two invited Fasclad International’s Miguel Tan to form a triumvirate, bringing in the latter’s construction expertise into the fold. All under the age of 40, the ambitious executive team now aims to bring their minds and experiences together to create a real estate firm that would redefine the Philippine skyline one storey at a time. 

“[A] mosaic is basically small pieces that when combined together creates a larger picture. Our story was pretty much like that. We all have different backgrounds. We all come from different age groups. I’m very happy that we’re able to meet up and come together and align our vision to actually do something and create something of value,” said Miguel Tan. 

“We view it as a culmination of our three distinct personalities — three different ideas — coming together and forming something really tangible. Something to be really proud of,” continued Jardin Wong. 


Mold a team of people and ideas. 

When establishing yourself as a new entrant in the real estate industry, Jillian Sze reveals that differentiation is the key. That is why Mosaic Realty and Development Corporation’s maiden project is conceptualized as a one-unit-per-floor offering. The Silhouette, which will stand to cast its own iconic shadow over the San Juan urbanscape, will feature 12 residential units in total, each luxuriously spacious enough for the everyday life of a modern family.  

Now in its groundbreaking phase, the project is well on its way to becoming a reality. The team credits this to the people and mentors that they have worked and learned from. 

“Being a leader in the organization doesn’t mean that you should know everything,” explained Tan. “You should find the right people to guide you to help you get great mentors because a lot of times we learn from our mistakes, but it’s also helpful to learn from other people’s mistakes.”

On the same note, Sze said, “Sometimes, you need other people to help and lift you up. And that’s the kind of community that I want to build, not just for the Silhouette, but for the future projects that we aim to do. It’s very important. You have to really humble yourself.” 


Interested for more? Catch the next episode of CHiNOY TV’s Chinese by Blood, Filipino by heart on Sunday, 8 PM, on CNN Philippines. 


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