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Meet Chinoy TV’s October TikTok ambassadors

Meet Chinoy TV’s October TikTok Ambassadors who bring Chinoy entertainment, education, fashion, and lifestyle to your lives!

Aaron Ernest Ang

  • Nickname: Eron, Angbao

  • Age: 20
  • School: Grace Christian College, Ateneo de Manila University
  • TikTok: @eronangbao
  • I’m a Business Major in ADMU with a Minor in Chinese Studies. I love making videos because they can bring people together, make people feel, and be aware of the current events happening. I started making TikToks shortly before quarantine just for fun, but now it feels like my window to the outside world.



Angelica Gan

  • Nickname: Ange
  • Age: 19 
  • School: St. Stephen High School
  • TikTok: @angelica.gan

I’m an outgoing person who loves socializing and hanging out with friends. Some of my hobbies include singing, traveling, watching dramas, and movies. To me, Tiktok is a great platform for me to share knowledge and entertainment with viewers.



Geneen Andrea Sy

  • Nickname: Gen
  • Age: 17
  • School: Quezon City Christian Academy
  • TikTok: @geneena
  • I’m currently a STEM senior high school student advocating for humanitarian causes. I love exploring and learning new things every day, and I usually spend my time reading books or working out during my free time. I love making TikToks just for fun!



Michelle Jeraldin Domanog

  • Nickname: Mimi, Mich
  • Age: 20
  • School: De La Salle University-Manila (SHS and College)
  • TikTok: @michelle_jeraldin
  • I’m a shy, bubbly person. I started making TikToks when I got bored during the quarantine. In TikTok, I love sharing some of my dancing, singing, arts, and cooking content. To me, this platform is to express myself more and to promote education and entertainment to others.



Rhett Addison Chiu

  •  Nickname: Rhett
  • Age: 20
  • School: Philippine Institute of Quezon City, De La Salle University
  • TikTok: @rhettchiu
  • I’m currently studying Applied Corporate Management at De La Salle University. Most people would describe me as a bubbly and cheerful person. I’ve been hosting since high school—from hosting our prom to even becoming a junior jock for Magic 89.9. Tiktok allows me to express my creativity. It gives me the freedom to share my music, dancing, comedy, and knowledge with others.


Camille Cai

  • Nickname: Camille
  • Age: 20
  • School: Uno High School, De la Salle University-Manila
  • TikTok: camille_cai

Shopping is literally one of the most relaxing activities I do to balance the stress from school. Aside from that, I really love learning new languages—but best believe that Mandarin still holds the most special place in my heart. As a Chinoy TV TikTok Ambassador, I wish to spread happiness one TikTok at a time while sharing some Chinese and/or Chinoy tidbits along the way.

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