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Chinoy TV ranks first in CNN for 2nd straight week

Chinoy TV once again takes up the top spot in the CNN Sunday airwaves, as it once again ranks first place in the CNN Sunday spots based on performance ratings.

From CNN’s most recent review on reach and ratings, Chinoy TV was able to gain an all-time high reach of approximately 929,000 viewers last May 15- July 3, 2022. It also reached a rating of roughly 183,000 average number of viewers per minute. With this, Chinoy TV ranked first in the CNN Sunday spot, just like it did during the last performance review on June 26.

Chinoy TV airs its highly anticipated series, Chinese By Blood, Filipino By Heart, every Sunday on the CNN channel. Continuing its success from the previous season, Chinese By Blood, Filipino By Heart resumes with highlighting the stories worth telling of prominent Chinoy figures in hopes of inspiring more and more members of the Chinoy community.

In various Facebook posts of episode snippets and recaps, netizens warmly share their learnings from the different Chinoys featured in the show.

During the seventh episode of the season which featured Chinoy public health expert and medical practitioner Dr. Beverly Ho, netizens also openly shared how her story inspired them to work harder in their respective fields. Facebook user Jacqueline Lim-Quan shared that Her dedication and commitment both to her job and community serves an inspiration to Filipinos. Especially when she said it’s better than to give than to receive. I am a frontliner too that’s why I can really relate to all medical professionals. I have a lot of respect to all of them for risking their lives to serve the community. I admire Dr. Beverly Ho for choosing to be a public servant and will always stay an inspiration to me”.

In the latest episode featuring prominent Chinoy figures in Philippine sports, Coach Goldwin Monteverde and Coach Bonnie Tan shared their respective stories. Taking inspiration from their episode, netizen Jeffrey Shi also shared his insights: “They are an inspiration to me because they never gave up and kept giving everything they had to their endeavors. Your passion serves as the driving force for self-improvement. I gained an appreciation for tenacity and diligence from them. Success in life is mostly dependent on never giving up. Because once that happens, your efforts will finally pay off”.

With this, it is clear through the insights and feedback from the audience that Chinoy TV’s Chinese By Blood, Filipino By Heart has achieved a milestone of reaching greater heights in terms of television performance, all while staying true to its vision of empowering every member of the Chinoy community, one story at a time.

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