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CHiNOY TV’s Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart returns with a fourth season!

“There are three simple ways to make a positive impact on society: One, respect your roots. Two, make positive impact and contributions by doing what you do best. Three, always seize the chance to help others.” 

With the wise words of Teresita Ang See, we’re proud to announce the fourth and latest season of Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart

In 2022, CHiNOY TV took us all on an adventurous tour as we crossed geographical borders and generations to feature some amazing, modern Chinoys. This year, the award-winning documentary series is here to bring us all on a riveting journey back to our #ROOTS, traversing the rich and unique stories that have enriched the Chinoy narrative through the decades.   

For the next installment of the show, viewers can eagerly expect to see fresh newcomers, as well as returning guests, share their experiences in their various respective fields, in celebration of how accepting tradition and heritage can translate to becoming the Chinese-Filipino people we are today. From iconic activists to national beauty pageant winners, Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart is no doubt here to proudly showcase the lives of Chinoys and the dreams they have and are working for. 

The new season will run for a total of nine episodes, featuring Teresita Ang See, Gretchen Ho, Fr. Ari Dy, Xiao Chua, Janno Novenario, Kendrick Chua, Cecilio Pedro, Angelia Ong, and Lloyd Lee and Shamcey Supsup. 

Catch the premiere on May 28, 2023 at 8 PM on CNN Philippines. Replays will air on Saturdays at 6:30 PM. For updates, follow CHiNOY TV on our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube now! 



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