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CHiNOY TV’s docu show to air on CNN Philippines

Written by: CNN Philippines Staff

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — CNN Philippines is broadening its diverse lineup of programs with a weekly documentary program, “CHiNOY TV Presents: Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart #1CH1NOY” premiering on July 24.

Produced by Fil-Chi Media Productions Inc, the 30-minute, 10-episode program will put the spotlight on Filipino citizens of Chinese descent whose stories showcase the cultural values that they owe their success to, as well as what it means to navigate through the legacy of our Chinese blood, with an undoubtedly Filipino heart.

“We hope that through the documentary series, we would be able to define what a modern Chinoy is to the viewers by identifying a set of values that they can relate to and learn from,” shared CHiNOY TV President Alvin Kingson Tan. “We also want to create a better understanding of the Chinoy identity and correct the stereotypes the Chinoys have been getting,” he added.

Since its inception in 2010, CHiNOY TV has evolved into a nationally renowned multi-platform media agency that has taken up the mantle of educating the modern Filipino-Chinsese community of their roots, providing them with a voice to speak from the perspective of their unique cultural identity. 

Directed by Emmy award-winning Filipino television producer and director, Mike Carandang, each episode will feature the very finest of the Filipino-Chinese community from the fields of business, entertainment, and the creative arts. 

Meanwhile, eight Chinoys will provide their insights and knowledge about the Chinoy community every episode — Philippine Star editor Doreen Yu and columnist Wilson Lee Flores, eventologist Tim Yap, Miss Chinatown 2014 Nicole Cordoves, award-winning illustrator Rob Cham, children’s story book author Patricia Ngo, host Janeena Chan, and radio DJ Stan Sy.

Now, as it relaunches a brand-new perspective for its award-winning television show, CHiNOY TV endeavors to continue defining modern Chinoy heritage by connecting generations of diasporic experiences to be told, presenting a vision of cultural oneness and unity with its #1CH1NOY campaign.

The campaign, which serves to enable the Filipino-Chinese to rediscover and partake in a shared history, also hopes to promote and celebrate the Chinoy experience with other communities. “Both revolve around the idea of oneness. Hence, the incorporation of the number ‘1’ in the word ‘Chinoy’, which we know is a blend of the words ‘Chinese’ and ‘Pinoy’,” Tan explained. On top of that, the #1CH1NOY campaign and the new docu show coincides with the 11th Anniversary of CHiNOY TV.

Tan added that he has high hopes that through this collaboration with CNN Philippines, CHiNOY TV will be able to effectively convey the messaging of the show that will contribute to the success of the #1CH1NOY campaign, and that is to unite both the Chinese and the Filipino communities. “CNN Philippines is known for its credible, diverse, and factual content. And with a platform that has a wide reach by being a free-to-air channel, the show will have a higher chance to reach a wider audience,” he said.

Watch “CHiNOY TV Presents: Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart #1CH1NOY” starting on July 24, Saturdays at 8 pm, with an encore airing Sundays at 10:30 am, only on CNN Philippines (Free TV Channel 9, Sky Cable Channel 14, Cignal Channel 10).

For more information and details, stay tuned for announcements on Facebook from CHiNOY TV and its website,

Originally published by CNN Philippines.

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