CHiNOY TV’s revealing episode on Pinky Tobiano leads to YouTube milestone

This week’s episode of CHiNOY TV’s latest documentary series Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart #1CH!NOY is a timely story that best describes the modern Chinoy!

Featuring the entrepreneuring chemist Pinky Tobiano, the third episode of Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart reveals the experiences of a traditionally raised Chinoy woman who has fought against the stereotypes of her field with passion, while along the way raising her children as a single mother and also battling cancer. 

It all started when Tobiano one day realized that she had a goal: “Someday, I’m going to make the best medicine ever. I want to be the best chemist ever.” 

These were once the words of a young and ambitious Pinky Tobiano. Now, they are a reminder of the life that Tobiano has led, with all the hard work that she has paid to make her dream a reality.

“What’s tough is that it was a male-dominated industry. I was the only female one and Chinese pa,” Tobiano shared, revealing for the first time the arduous climb she had taken to get to where she is now today. 

Tobiano started out her animal medicine business with only three people, with herself also working as a truck driver, but since those humble beginnings, the Progressive Industries CEO has achieved a legacy to be proud of. Beyond the difficulties that she has faced as a single parent and cancer survivor, Tobiano has spent the last few decades evolving into her role as a successful chemist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. 

Praised as an inspirational piece by netizens, Tobiano’s episode comes after last week’s eye-opening spotlight on Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran founder Teresita Ang See, drawing in viewers both on and off TV. 



“Very inspiring.” “You’re an inspiration.” “Wowww!! So inspiring to watch [your] story Ms. Pinky Pe Tobiano!!!!” “Awe-inspiring!”

These were just some of the positive feedback received by the series’ latest episode.

As a result, it’s not surprising to see that not only was CHiNOY TV able to garner over 1.3 million views during the show’s pilot, but it also just recently celebrated its milestone of its first 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. 



Pinky Tobiano’s “Kotiam is Life” is the third out of CHiNOY TV’s ten-episode series. Next week’s episode will feature SM Supermalls President Steven Tan. Catch the show this Sunday at 8 PM on CNN Philippines. 


Watch the replay of “Kotiam is Life” here:



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