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Chinoys Share Their Take On Single Blessedness

Being single can make you weary, especially as a single woman with the horrible stigma of “matandang dalaga” or “leftovers”. However, being single is not a bad thing and is a personal choice to let yourself feel the growth. The single life can be self-actualizing and enjoyable, but it is essential to embrace it first. As suggested by 6 people on living the single life, the following things will happen once you accept single-blessedness and break the single stigma.


1) You will be more focused on your tasks.

When you start to realize that having alone time is essential in life, you would see different aspects of your life in new windows that you have never opened before. You would be able to have a clear sense of what things about yourself that you want to further improve on. In relation to this, studies show that having a “me-time” can have a positive effect on our brain by formulating a clear and focused memory.


2) You will have more time to try new things and to reach higher goals.

Being single is somehow like a bird outside a cage. You just can’t settle in one place. This can help you try exploring new hobbies and interests that would, in return, result in your growth. A piece of advice for you is you have to embrace your single-ness. Doing so, you will be able to strive for higher goals and compete with yourself to exert more effort in creating a more fulfilling future.


3) You will be more creative.

Being single can creatively help you more than you think it can. For starters, spending alone time alone is found to have resulted in an increase in creative thinking. This will allow you to become a deeper thinker which could overall help you in the different aspects of your life. For example, you would be surprised that you are able to suggest different business projects and solutions to your problems that you probably have never thought of before.


4) You handle your own schedule and time.

One of the best things about being single is that you have all the time to yourself. Say goodbye to the times where you have to choose between a night with your friends or a date with your significant other. Besides, you can finally have the peace in knowing you don’t have to match your schedule as you now have complete control on your time. Another thing you will realize once you accept the single life is that you would now have much more time for your friends and family. 


5) You would be able to save money.

Dating is expensive. Especially for traditional dating wherein the male has to pay for dates. Aside from dating expenses, there are also times where you have to buy a gift such as for Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Monthsaries (if you and your S.O. celebrates that), as well as the birthdays of your S.O. and probably even their family. Living a single life can avoid those expenses and enable you to save your money.


6) You will learn more about yourself and your interests.

Being single will give you more time to consider new hobbies and interests as well. Instead of going to repetitive dates, you can explore and try new activities that you might be surprised to find yourself passionate about. And finally, giving time for ourselves is an essential aspect in discovering what type of person we believe we deserve or what career we would be wanting in the future. Aside from self-discovery, you would also learn more about yourself which is essential in having a healthy relationship in the future.

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