Chinoys share what they want the next Mano Po film to be

Did you know that one of the most successful Filipino film franchises is about Chinoys?

Produced by Regal Entertainment, the Mano Po series includes no less than seven films to its name, dating back all the way to 2002 for its first movie. With the franchise covering a wide range of Chinoy stories from intriguing family dramas to hilarious rom-coms, there’s no wondering about the popularity of the series. 

For those who haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, fret not! The entire franchise has just been dropped on Netflix. And while there hasn’t been any news yet about an upcoming eighth film, fans have been excited to share their thoughts on what they want to see next. 

Here is a list of possible plot details that fans want to see for the next Mano Po film:


1. Chinoys rediscovering their roots

With the majority of Filipino-Chinese families now bearing descendants up to the third, fourth, or even fifth generation, a lot of Chinoys now find themselves distanced from their family heritage. It’s only understandable that fans now imagine themselves rediscovering the culture and traditions of their family! 

In line with this idea, Facebook commenter Ibarra Basug suggested the topic of a “Pinoy searching his/her Chinese Heritage.”

“Chinoys who grew up very Filipino,” Jay Encing also posted. 

Mara Luarte wrote, “Rediscovering someone’s Chinese heritage and roots, knowing na hindi siya pinalaki under the influence of any Chinese traditions. Or ‘yung hindi mayayaman na Chinese what is life for them?”


2. The Great Wall

What’s more heartbreaking than a forbidden romance? Like how the actual Great Wall defended China from the invaders that cross its border, a figurative Great Wall stands between Chinoy and non-Chinoy lovers from being together. 💔

Thinking of the film’s possible plot, Angela Ong offered jokingly, “Our love story. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA.”

Meanwhile, April Labao suggested, “[The] Great Wall of a Fil-Chi and pure Fil relationship.” 


3. LGBTQA+ representation

Although Chinoy families tend to be more conservative, there are definitely a lot of LGBT Chinoys out there. We would definitely love to see the experiences of the community reflected in Mano Po’s characters! ❤️

“Let’s open the topic of Chinoy fams,” said Maria Alessandra Dalisay.

Rayjanne Gabriel Maravilla seconded the proposal: “Definitely LGBTQ+ Chinoys: the Chinoys who are often unheard.”

“I would include scenes that highlight real-life LGBT Chinoy experiences and give them a happy ending because they deserve it,” commented Mark Sasaki Laxamana. 


4. Crazy Rich Asians with a Chinoy twist!

Crazy Rich Asians is one of the best rom-coms for a reason! For the Chinoy version of this film, we can expect to see some drama with rich family members duking it out to become the next heir of the family business. As a bonus point, maybe we’ll even get to see the gossipy auntie, too!

“Chinoy Marites!” Anin Dy joked. 

‘Yun Number 5 LOL Radio One Asia,” replied Tiffany Ng to Anin Dy, referencing the introduction scene of Crazy Rich Asians


5. The Hokkien language

While Chinoys often speak in English, Tagalog, or any other Filipino language that they found themselves growing up with, one language that popular media often misses is Hokkien. Featuring more spoken Hokkien in Mano Po will surely be one way for Chinoys to see their culture represented and heard! 

“Everybody in the movie should be speaking Hokkien unless the character is not lannang,said Dennis Tan. 

Anin Dy also suggested that there be “more Hokkien than Mandarin in the script given that it’s now a dying language.”


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