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#ChinoyStyle: 4 trendy style inspirations from ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’

Put Your Head On My Shoulder (致我们暖暖的小时光) is one of the most popular Chinese rom-com dramas that C-drama fans always recommend. If you liked A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好), you’ll definitely end up binge-watching this because they’re both novel adaptations written by Zhào Gān Gān (趙乾乾). With a high rating of 7.9 in Douban, the drama has exceeded the expectations among the audience with its interesting plot and an outstanding cast. The campus drama has captured viewers with the similar burning chemistry between Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi from being roommates to lovers and complete total opposites. 

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Chinoys can definitely appreciate and may relate to the kai shao (介紹) aspect in this drama because their eager mothers actually set them up to live in the same apartments! While enjoying the drama, millennial and Gen Z Chinoys can also find trendy style inspirations from graduating college students Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi from their everyday campus, work, and errand outfits. Get ready to spice up your wardrobe with 4 trendy outfits from Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi! 

Si Tu Mo

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Si Tu Mo is not your typical accounting student because she actually pursues a career in the advertising industry. Her style may be simple but she always makes sure to make her outfit look put together. Wearing dainty blouses and statement tops is her typical attire, but she switches things up by layering sleeveless dresses and outerwear like a denim jacket.

She also wears denim jeans, skirts, shorts, rompers, and dresses to give variety to her simple yet trendy wardrobe. This makes sure that her structured and layered outfits can suit her petite figure. White is an essential part of her wardrobe because neutrals are easy to match with other colors.

With her creativity and cheerfulness, she always incorporates vibrant warm colors that make her stand out. Any Chinoy who loves wearing simple yet stylish outfits can take inspiration from Si Tu Mo. 

Gu Wei Yi

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Gu Wei Yi is a heartthrob physics major who is smart and has an irresistible charm. His style is simple and fashionable, perfect for his busy schedule in the laboratory. He typically wears a top that is either a solid color or white. He layers his simple shirts with a short or long-sleeved polo or cardigan to add zest to his outfits. To make it a bit formal from his usual casual attire, he wears dress shirts with rolled sleeves.

He partners his tops with dark or light denim jeans that complement or contrast them. Gu Wei Yi also loves wearing white just like Si Tu Mo. With his shy and reserved personality, he wears muted and dark clothing that matches his white piece of clothing.

Gu Wu Yi’s style is perfect for Chinoys who want to look put together all the time even if they’re busy and always on-the-go.

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