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#ChinoyStyle: 5 corporate style inspirations from rom-com drama ‘Love Is Sweet’

With a 7.9 rating in Douban, Love is Sweet sets the bar for a modern office type of rom-com C-drama. What truly makes the drama stand out is the burning chemistry of the love/hate relationship between Yuan Shuai (Leo Luo) and Jiang Jun (Bai Lu) as childhood friends. The office romance may dominate the drama, but the riveting plot also centers on ambiguous moral issues in the business ethics and inevitable rivalry between another top investment company. Reconciling the past misunderstandings of their childhood, Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun face these challenges together with their newly blossoming relationship.

Besides the interesting plot, it’s not a secret that the corporate wardrobes of Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun will captivate anyone who is interested in fashion. Their outfits may be heavily focused on the suits and blazers pieces, but Chinese stylist 艾闻 (Ai Wen) has transformed typical office fashion with modern chic and sophisticated elements. The key pieces and colors incorporated in Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun’s wardrobe will definitely make you inspired to spice up your corporate outfits!

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 Jiang Jun plays as a strong female lead with her talent and hard work that rewards her to be accepted as a full-time employee in a top investment company MH. With strong morals and a sense of justice that she upholds, the printed blazer empowers her as a professional and competent employee. A printed blazer is always partnered with a white or beige top that complements the blazer’s boldness. Typically, she sticks to shades of dark cool blues in her outfits which are appropriate for the corporate workspace in MH. She also brings this combination with a twist by pairing her light top with other warm browns and light-toned colors. This brings out her sensitive and tender personality that everyone adores. No wonder the Vice President of MH Qiao Na always ends up observing Jiang Jun’s outfits whenever the Vice President encounters her.

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Yuan Shuai, a rich bachelor and a director of MH, has always prioritized the corporate outfits that are specifically tailored for him. His dominance and boldness can be seen through his tailored suits that accentuate his tall and confident figure. His put-together outfits make sure to make him stand out and look promising, as the CEO relies and trusts on him with the decisions of MH. Dark shades of blues and purples in his suit are his signature look with a matching tie and coat. Yuan Shuai is also not afraid of changing up his outfits by incorporating grey tones that make the look refreshing to the eye. His tie is either dark bold colors or printed to switch things up, which also reflects his flexible nature as a director. The dark colors of his coats always make sure to compliment his overall attire. His coats match with Jiang Jun’s outfits too, as he makes sure to give his dark-toned coat to her. Yuan Shuai may be focused on his demanding work but he still makes sure his outfits bring out the best of him to the company and Jiang Jun.

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If you’re looking for a C-drama to binge-watch, Love Is Sweet has everything that you’re looking for in a modern drama. It has a riveting plot with endearing characters but it sets an edge to a modern office drama with the eye-catching styles of Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun. Their chic and sophisticated outfits can definitely inspire you to glam up your corporate outfits.

Catch Love Is Sweet every 8 pm on every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at iQiYi and WeTV!

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