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#ChinoyStyle: Which F4 member’s style should you try based on your personality?

The Meteor Garden (流星花园) reboot in 2018 was such a popular hit with the fresh new faces and the plot that we all love. Produced by Angie Chai and directed by Lin Helong, the Chinese drama definitely lived up to the expectations of Meteor Garden fans. The new remake is truly worth the hype because of the modern and millennial twist the drama has. The modern drama is balanced with the nostalgia that has hit viewers with familiar yet captivating scenes and their favorite characters. 

What makes the drama worth-watching is the diverse wardrobe that matches the F4 members’ different personalities. While it’s known that all the F4 members came from influential and affluent families, the way they style themselves brings out their handsomeness. The unique styles of the F4 members capture the distinct charms of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Feng Mei Zuo, and Yang Xi Men.

Looking for a new style inspiration that showcases your personality? Here are different styles of F4 members you should try based on your personality!

Photo courtesy of Hunan TV

1. Dào Míng Sì (道明寺)

Photo courtesy of Hunan TV

Dao Ming Si is a Business Management major at Ming De University. He is business-minded with his interest in finance. At the age of 18, he was able to earn ¥1 million in the online stock market. Not only is he intelligent and analytical, but also haughty and cool. Dao Ming Si likes to sport the preppy bad boy look with dark colors matched with bright punky colors of reds. He likes wearing contrasting turtlenecks and hoodies that make his fair skin and handsome appearance shine. He switches up his formal looks with large coats that have houndstooth patterns and black blazers. If you love the trendy e-boy fashion mixed with preppy formal looks, then Dao Ming Si’s style is for you.


2. Huā Zé Lèi (花澤類)

Photo courtesy of Hunan TV

Hua Ze Lei is the only music major among the members who are taking up Business Management. What makes him stand out in F4 is his artistic and musical talents, as he is a violinist. His quiet, gentle, and sensible self is opposite from the domineering, strong, and playboy personalities of his three other friends. This reflects on his soft looks with muted, pastel, and neutral tones of his coats, blazers, sweaters, and cardigans. His chill and light looks are matched with his wavy soft hair that makes everyone’s heart melt with their second lead syndrome. Hua Ze Lei’s cozy wardrobe is definitely for all of the soft boys out there. 


3. Féng Měizuò (冯美作)

Photo courtesy of Hunan TV

Even if Feng Mei Zuo majors in Business Management like his friends, he’s the life of the party in F4. Feng Mei Zuo is the jokester of the group with his lively, fun-loving, and adventurous self. With his vivacious personality, he often wears bright and bold colors that make him stand out from his group. Mei Zuo’s outfits always have a pop of color and he’s never afraid of wearing different bright colors that are either complementary or contrasting to each other. Mei Zuo’s unique and bold style is perfect for any confident and charming guy who is not afraid of experimenting with different colors that will make him stand out. 


4. Yàn Xīmén (彦西门)

Photo courtesy of Hunan TV

Yan Xi Men is the charming, serious, and reliable guy in F4 who also majors in Business Management. His charm exudes as he is a tea connoisseur which defines his cultured tastes and interests. His refined and predictable personality reflects his sophisticated and classy looks. Xi Men’s outfits have a sense of formality with his signature glasses and structured outfits that are neutral beige colors and dark shades of blue. He often wears a collared buttoned-up polos with a matching blazer that usually complements his looks. To switch things up, he also wears printed polos and blazers with a sweater or scarf that makes him so stylish. Any sophisticated and class man who loves wearing outfits that make him put together will use Xi Men as his style inspiration. 

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