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#ChinoyStyle: Style Inspiration from ‘Find Yourself’

Courtesy of Hunan TV

Find Yourself (下一站是幸福) is one of the most well-loved dramas of 2020. The popular rom-com drama was even nominated at the 30th China TV Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding Television Series. With the amazing cast of popular and rising actors, it brings a fresh twist to the modern office rom-com drama with their stars in a show-stopping wardrobe to boot.

In this love story between a successful career woman and an aspiring fresh graduate, the two lovers face various obstacles in their budding relationship. Themes of love versus career may dominate the drama, but Find Yourself also tackles the societal pressures of being single in one’s thirties and the age gap in relationships.


Courtesy of Hunan TV

Besides the compelling plot, Find Yourself is worth watching for the corporate wardrobes of the leads, He Fanxing and Yuan Song. The “Pretty is Power” trend in the drama connects with the audience, as these Chinese millennials prioritize having a sartorial and presentable look in their workplace. Anyone who is interested in fashion will have his or her eye on their stylish and sleek outfits.

The key elements and colors incorporated in He Fanxing and Yuan Song’s four different outfits will inspire you to dress up, too.

He Fanxing

Courtesy of Hunan TV

As the administration director at a design company, Fe Fanxing splurges on corporate outfits and dainty accessories that truly make her a striking and classy boss. Fanxing’s style is polished and well-refined, reflecting her personality and work ethic — always striving for excellence. 

You can usually spot Fanxing wearing a tailored blazer with a simple white blouse underneath. With her structured outfits, she opts for light colors that are easy to mix and match. To change things up, she also makes sure to incorporate prints and bold contrasting shades.

As a sophisticated woman, she’s also not afraid to accessorize with minimalistic dangling earrings and a sparkling watch to amp up her look. 

Yuan Song

Courtesy of Hunan TV

As the fresh and new intern, Yuan Song’s simple yet well-put-together style makes him stand out. His outfits reflect his youthfulness and laid-back attitude without sacrificing the overall look for the workplace. 

Yuan Song switches it up with variations on long sleeve, buttoned-down shirts. He is also unafraid to be a bit adventurous with his clothes, wearing unconventional colors like purple and military green.


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