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#ChinoyTips: 5 more must-haves for online classes

Online classes are new for every student, as we all try to adapt to the changes in the virtual setting. While there are new ways on how to do well in online classes, there are certain adjustments to the materials that students need for their online classes. It’s well-known with the fact that students don’t necessarily need to carry basic school supplies like their backpacks with books, notebooks, and pens. 

One convenient aspect of online classes is that students don’t need to carry all of these heavy materials, because they can simply reach these things near them. However, there are also new essentials needed for online classes to aid students in their synchronous sessions and requirements in their current term or semester. These new essentials can serve also as an investment for students since their following terms or semesters will still be online. 

Here are 5 more must-haves for online classes that can help students maximize their online classes!

1. Laptop table

 San-Yang Laptop Table FLT2026 (₱595) from Lazada

It may be ideal to work on a desk with a proper work station. But if you don’t have a desk in your room, having a laptop table is an alternative way to still get things done. If you’re also in a rush or just woke up a few minutes before a synchronous class, a laptop table is a must-have for students. Having a laptop table is convenient because it can help Chinoys students who may be suffering from back pains. A good laptop table can help them avoid hunching over their laptop screen because it’s adjustable. It’s also a good way to be comfortable in your bed and be productive at the same time. 


2. A stand for a laptop, book, and a device

Aluminum Alloy Portable Laptop/Tablet/Book Stand (₱590), Wooden Portable Bamboo Foldable Book Stand (₱779), and Yoobao B1 Mobile Phone Holde (₱199) from Lazada

Having a portable stand can help Chinoy students be at ease with the position of their laptop, book, phone, and/or tablet. It’s easier and comfier to study, watch the lecture, and write an essay by having adjustable stands that match your eye-level and position. These stands are useful for students who use two different devices to watch a lecture, look at the presentation slide, or read a textbook while taking digital or handwritten notes in their laptop or notebook.


3. Tripod

Yunteng VCT 5208 43cm-125cm Tripod (₱365) from Lazada

Having a tripod is essential for Chinoy students for their classes because professors would sometimes require video outputs, especially in P.E. subjects. Students should expect professors to want video outputs can be either creative short films, presentations, or dance/workout videos. Of course, it’s not necessary that students to own a professional camera because their phones are already good enough. What is important is how the phone will be positioned for good angles that can capture them in different proper frames and positions. In this way, their video outputs can turn out well. 


4. Bluetooth keyboard

Logitech K380 Multi-device Bluetooth Keyboard (₱1,500) from Lazada

A Bluetooth keyboard is ideal for Chinoy students who can do their essays or type their notes on any device. Having one can boost productivity in case the battery of their laptops or tablets is low already. They can use their phone or alternative device to still continue their work while their main device is charging. A Bluetooth keyboard is also convenient and portable because you can use and place it anywhere. It’s also a good backup just in case your laptop’s keyboard accidentally suddenly stopped work anymore. 


5. Wireless earphones

Haylou GT1 Pro Wireless earphones (₱779.09) from Lazada

Earphones are must-haves for online classes, especially during synchronous sessions and viewing pre-recorded lectures. It’s not a secret that the wired earphones can be a hassle when it gets tangled up. You also have to take the wired earphones out because of the wires. That’s why Chinoy students should consider getting wireless earphones for convenience. Wireless earphones are best used for synchronous sessions. You can easily hear your professor well when you need to go for a restroom break or need to get something quickly for the class. Wireless earphones are also good because you can move freely and be more comfortable in any position without being restricted by the wires of your wired earphones.  

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