CHiNOYTV Exclusive: Issy & Co. founder Jasmine Ang looks back on how she built her millennial beauty empire

There would be no doubt that the beauty industry, both locally and internationally, has changed dramatically in the past five years. Research shows that while price remains the main driver for purchase, consumers nowadays are also looking for brands that support environmental and ethical movements. 

In a survey conducted through Global Web Index in 2019, “67 percent think that [product] packaging should be environmentally friendly and 56 percent would be willing to pay more if the products are made with natural or organic ingredients.”

Guided by these timely insights while understanding the needs of the local beauty scene, homegrown brand Issy & Co. enters the picture.

Named after a play on words “easy” and “sissy,” which are synonymous with the brand’s vision, Issy & Co. is all about creating fuss-free and fool-proof products while building a community of sisterhood that supports self-care and self-love.

Jasmine Ang

Founded by Jasmine Ang in 2019, Issy & Co. is a proudly local brand composed of a team who are all interested in makeup but at the same time intimidated by it. This is why during the early days of the brand, they set the vision to make Issy & Co. as something anyone can use without feeling frightened. 

As early as her high school days in St. Stephen High School, Jasmine has already been hands-on with their family business, a manufacturing company of garments that supply to some of the countries’ leading brands and department stores. Through the years, Jasmine helped expand their family venture, but when Jasmine founded Issy & Co., it has become the first-ever brand that she established on her own.

“We are all about products that do the hard work for you. We achieve this purpose by creating innovative formulations in universally flattering shades in price points that are very reasonable and accessible for a lot of people,” Jasmine tells CHiNOYTV. 

Creme Blush

Made in Taiwan, Issy & Co. products are all guaranteed vegan, cruelty-free, preservative-safe, gluten-free, and dermatologically tested. “We aim to provide the best products in the market without compromising what we stand for as a brand to empower consumers to make conscious decisions and learn to care about the impact of their purchase,” the 27-year-old founder & CEO adds.

There is no better way to make a more meaningful roster of products other than connecting to the people who will potentially use it. In the early stages of Issy & Co., they made sure to create a real connection and spark conversation with the beauty community. 

#IssyGirls wearing different shades of Active Skin Tint

“We want to make sure the products work for all Filipinos, which is why we found it important to listen intently to what they have to say. Slowly, but surely, we were able to form a relationship built on trust and confidence,” Jasmine, a mother of two, shares. Through Issy & Co.’s unique and inclusive offerings, it eventually paved the way for the brand to build a strong following and take a bigger space in the beauty scene. 

Friends don’t let friends have a bad brow day!

A year and a half since Issy & Co’s launch, it did not only make the vision “beauty made easy” come to life. But, it has also received an outpour of good reviews from makeup experts, beauty enthusiasts, and even from those who are just starting on exploring makeup.

Lip Mousse

Some of Issy & Co.’s well-loved products are Brow Refiner, Lip Mousse, Crème Blush, Active Skin Tint, and the recently launched Hydragloss. 

Brow Refiner

“The Brow Refiner is truly an innovative product. It is a fusion of makeup and skincare like never before. This [Brow Refiner] became the standard we follow when it comes to developing products moving forward,” Jasmine expounds on Issy&Co. ‘s first-ever hero product.

Hearing positive feedback and seeing people express their appreciation for Issy & Co. are enough reasons for its team to strive harder and push the envelope in the beauty industry. Jasmine also adds that partnering with non-profit organizations makes Issy & Co. more purposeful in and out of the beauty industry.

Issy & Co. turned one /Photo by @studio__mara on Instagram

“For our first anniversary, we partnered with Wipe Every Tear and She Works. We provided free makeup to women who have been victims of the illegal sex trade through these collaborations. The experience was both eye-opening and fulfilling at the same time,” Jasmine proudly shares.

What’s next for Issy & Co.? Nothing they can disclose as of this article, but Jasmine assures that the brand is here to stay, and a few big things are coming up for all the #IssyGirls out there!

“We hope to continue doing what we do best and even cover more ground. In the future, we hope to be able to expand globally and show that the Filipino beauty scene is worth being recognized,” Jasmine concludes.

What’s your favorite product from Issy & Co.? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below!

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