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CHY List: Dr. Tiffany Uy, the Brilliant Frontliner

With the arrival of 2021’s Year of the Metal Ox, CHiNOY TV has put together its inaugural CHY List, which aims to annually celebrate the achievements of 10 Chinoys who have all accomplished great things, inspired others, and made significant contributions to their respective fields and beyond. 

We will also be releasing individual features to highlight the accomplishments of each of this year’s CHY List honorees. Today, we kick things off with Dr. Tiffany Uy.

Making history

In 2015, Uy made history when she achieved a near-perfect general weighted average (GWA) of 1.004 – the highest-ever recorded grade in the history of the University of the Philippines (UP) since World War II. The perfect GWA is 1.0. On top of that, she also graduated summa cum laude with a degree in BS Biology that year.

Uy’s academic achievements didn’t stop there. She also topped the UP College of Medicine Class of 2020. She graduated magna cum laude, received both the Faculty Gold Medal and the Dr. Gregorio T. Alvior, Jr. Award for Academic Excellence, and was the class valedictorian.


Dr. Tiffany Uy in 2015


Then, in November 2020, she earned a spot in the top 5 with a grade of 88.08 percent on the Physician Licensure Exam.

Her crowning achievements captured the attention of netizens, so much so that Uy also became a trending topic. On social media, some called her the “patron saint of brain cells” while others deemed her to be “God’s favorite.”

Taking things seriously

Yet, Filipinos and Chinoys, especially those who are mathematically challenged, shouldn’t lose hope. In a 2015 interview with Karen Davila, Uy revealed that when she was younger, she had to go to two pre-schools, adding that she couldn’t understand subtraction.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop her from taking her studies seriously as she grew older.

“Everything I learned might help me save someone’s life someday so everything I learned, I took it seriously,” Uy said in the same interview.

“I want to serve the Filipino people,” she added.

And with the pandemic, a frontliner like her couldn’t have come at a better time.


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In addition to celebrating the achievements of the Filipino-Chinese, CHiNOY TV also actively supports the Chinoy creative community. This year’s CHY List photos have been produced in partnership with Chinoy sketch artist Lexter Ang. For more of his works, check out his Facebook page Sketch with Lex!

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