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CHY List: Steve Christopher Wong, the Dedicated Educator

With the arrival of 2021’s Year of the Metal Ox, CHiNOY TV has put together its inaugural CHY List, which aims to annually celebrate the achievements of 10 Chinoys who have all accomplished great things, inspired others, and made significant contributions to their respective fields and beyond. 

We will also be releasing individual features to highlight the accomplishments of each of this year’s CHY List honorees. Today, we highlight the work of educator Steve Christopher Wong. 

As a teacher who has been in the industry for over 30 years, Steve Christopher Wong is a fierce leader and passionate educator. Wong is the school head and principal of Philippine Chen Kuang High School, which is a private, non-stock, non-profit school that is known to offer English, Filipino, and Chinese language classes. He was previously the chair of the Chinese Department of St. Peter the Apostle School, Manila.

As someone who aspired to be a teacher and fulfilled his dream regardless of what others think, he emphasized the importance of following your heart — whatever your passions are — and not letting people influence your decision when you’re destined for greatness and success in your own terms. 

“When you hear criticism from other people, reflect on yourself and accept the criticism constructively, and when you hear praises from them, be thankful and always stay humble,” he said.


Steve Wong. Photo courtesy of Steve Wong.

Dedicated to sharing his knowledge with his students,  he continues to encourage them to become competitive speakers and to use their acquired knowledge with purpose and substance. Known to lead by example for his young students, he has become a devoted and competitive speaking trainer and a resource speaker both in and outside of the country.

While he passes on the torch to his students, as teachers do, he has also always been a believer in the importance of helping the youth become global citizens, for them to have a deeper understanding and respect for how the world works, making them globally competitive. and responsibly taking on their roles in society.

In light of the pandemic, Wong has also taken part in organizing seminars and webinars, imparting his knowledge in the fields of computer, technology, and digitalization to his fellow educators worldwide, so that they, too, may be able to adjust to societal changes brought about by the public health crisis.


Steve Wong’s Global Leaders & Educators Award in Research


Multi-awarded in his craft, among his recent achievements are the Global Leaders & Educators Award in Research, Outstanding School Head Award during the International Education Summit and Award in Bangkok Thailand, Outstanding Principal Award  from the Asia Pacific Association of Educators Training Institute, and the Outstanding Humanitarian Works Recognition award by Beyond Books Publication.


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In addition to celebrating the achievements of the Filipino-Chinese, CHiNOY TV also actively supports the Chinoy creative community. This year’s CHY List photos have been produced in partnership with Chinoy sketch artist Lexter Ang. For more of his works, check out his Facebook page Sketch with Lex!

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