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Creating Modern Tao Kes for a New Tomorrow

Small to medium enterprises are going through a tough time amidst the crisis brought by the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite these struggles, economists find that the Philippine economy may bounce back through a transition into a digital economy. During this time, many Modern Tao Kes have been doing just that. Many are strengthening their online branding, changing their services and processes to adapt to online means, and thinking of out-of-the-box ways to grow in the online landscape.

A Salute to Our Modern Tao Kes

These experiences that many Modern Tao Kes are facing now, from their struggles to their efforts, are a testament to the Chinese-Filipino’s resilience. So, to give a proper salute to them, Globe myBusiness, together with CHiNOY TV, present the Saludo SMEs Campaign.

The campaign aims to help SMEs, including you, our Modern Tao Kes, to come back stronger than ever as you reopen your businesses. Globe myBusiness will be doing this through exclusive offers and online events which will supply digital solutions and practical business lessons to SMEs.


Tackling the Crisis One Event at a Time

One of the many events planned for the Saludo SMEs Campaign is the Business Consultation Caravan on June 25, 2020, 11AM. The Chairman and CEO of Globe Telecom, Ernest Cu and the Chairman and CEO of the Ayala Corporation, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala will be sharing an important message on this event but best of all, attendees can get a chance to secure a slot for an exclusive one-on-one consultation with industry leaders from Entrepreneurs’s Organization!

If you want to join the Business Consultation Caravan, register here


Aside from the Business Consultation Caravan, Globe myBusiness, with CHiNOY TV, have another event lined up for Chinoy business owners–the Create. Modern Tao Ke. Webinar. Visayas Edition. This will be the second out of four webinars in the Modern Tao Ke Webinar E-Series, and will happen this June 26, 2020, 4PM. The second series will continue its discussion on family business succession and innovation with speakers Dr. Cecilio Pedro, President and CEO of Lamoiyan Corporation, and Kenneth Yang, President and CEO of Golden Arches Development Corporation and support from the Anvil Business Club: Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs, Bacolod Filipino-Chinese Junior Chamber of Commerce, Cebu Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Mandaue Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Incorporated, and Filipino-Chinese Tao Ke Group

If you want to join the Create. Modern Tao Ke. Webinar.Visayas Edition, register here:


Through these events for the #SaludoSMEs Campaign, we aim to help you #ModernTaoKes, as we #SupportLocalSMEs! Both events will no doubt give an in-depth talk on the current situation SMEs face, and partake practical tips and lessons that can help businesses come back stronger for the new tomorrow!

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