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Curious Cravings: 5 Shops Offering Non-Traditional, Home-Made Mooncakes

Do you think you’ve already tried all the flavors of mooncakes in the world? Well, think again!

When the world is changing and cultures are evolving, food was also developing! From traditional mooncakes using lotus and red bean as fillings to ube-quezo and chocnut flavored mooncakes.

If you still haven’t bought your mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival then these shops are here for you!

Here’s a list of local shops and chefs that sell mooncakes for our hungry tummies!

1) 92K

Have you heard of home-made Taiwanese mooncakes?  Then this shop can satisfy your curiosity if you want to try the Taiwanese-Style mooncakes! Their snacks are available in three different flavors namely Ube, Mung Bean, and Red Bean. You may get their lovely set of mooncakes in a box of 4 and 12 with a price of 360 pesos and 1000 pesos per set! You may follow them on their social media accounts 92K on Facebook and @92k.bnp on Instagram. You can also reach them through their mobile number 09152491550 and look for Kristine Angelica.

2) Bless N’ Bliss Bake

Are you a fan of no baked goodies? This shop offers homemade snow skin mooncakes that are no-bake so expect that the texture is different from the traditional ones! This shop is owned by a Malaysian that is residing here in Manila and shares a part of the profit to the poor and kids.

You may get their delicious mooncake in a box of 6 that has 6 different flavors like Green Tea, Red Bean, Ube, Custard Cranberries, Chocolate, and Custard. Get them for only 480 pesos for standard packaging and 780 pesos for their premium packaging. You may contact them through their social media accounts Bless n Bliss bake on Facebook and @blessnblissbake on Instagram. You can also reach them through their mobile 09212821858 and contact Sophia Koh.


3) Soystory Authentic Taiwanese Pastries

Soystory is known for its homemade Taiwanese Mooncakes that have a light flaky crust and they sell this all year round! In collaboration with @igkitchenstore, they have come up with their limited edition “Not Your Traditional Mooncakes” flavors like Chocnut, Ube-Quezo, Red Bean, and Yema-Taro.

They also offer different kinds of Taiwanese pastries like sun cake, pineapple cake, and cakes. You can get their mooncakes in a box of 4, both for only 320 pesos. Their limited edition “Not Your Traditional Mooncakes” are only available for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and are not guaranteed that they will release the same for next year’s! So stay tuned on their Social Media Accounts. You can follow their Facebook Page here and their Instagram account here.


4) The Hungry Chef


They said that this chef is making the best mooncakes than the branded ones but of course for you to know that you have to try it yourself! He also has different flavors like Lotus, Otaosa, and Ube mooncakes.  You can get his mooncakes at the price of 180 pesos per piece for plain Lotus and 175 pesos per piece for plain Otaosa and an additional 5 pesos for 1 egg and 15 pesos for 2 eggs. You can get his Ube mooncakes for 200 pesos with one egg.

Chef Nathaniel Uy residing at New Manila, Quezon City, and was a graduate of De La Salle University-Manila in the course of Organizational Communication and graduated Culinary in the International School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. He will be opening his last batch of orders this October 11 so better write it on your calendars now! You may contact him through his Instagram account @thehungrychef and message him in his mobile number 09228186434


5) Chef Lu He


Chef Lu He’s 100% hand-made CCAC Mooncakes are known to be smooth, thin-crusted, and loaded with fillings! Chef Lu’s experience in the field for more than 40 years has made him superior in craftsmanship, taste, and quality. He offers a wide variety of mooncakes for you to choose from like Munggo, Lotus cream, Tausa, Lin Yong, and White Lin Yong that ranges from 48 pesos to 280 pesos each! You can reach them through their mobile numbers 09175446881 and 09162954566


With these different stores offering different kinds of mooncakes for you, who wouldn’t be able to resist buying them all?

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Celyna is currently a Junior Multimedia Producer of Chinoy TV and a sophomore student in De la Salle- College of Saint Benilde taking up AB- Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. She loves to watch KDramas and Cdramas and listen to Cpop and Kpop.

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