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Are you ready to date an ABG?

ABG or Asian Baby Girls are Chinese girls who follow a certain lifestyle and wear make up most of the time. They often wear expensive brands and prefer to date Chinese guys. Dating an ABG requires a willingness to adjust to her lifestyle and to understand her likes and dislikes.

Boba dates

Having Boba dates is a must when it comes to dating an ABG. For some reason, they are obsessed with drinking boba and made this their go-to drink. You’ll often find them hanging out in Boba shops when they’re with friends. 


Style change

Knowing that ABGs like to wear trendy clothes and some of the most expensive brands, once you start dating an ABG, you might start dressing a certain way as well. They might not force you to dress to match theirs, but you will unintentionally start wearing trendy and branded clothing just to blend with their style.


Going to parties 

Most of the ABGs like to attend parties with friends which means you’ll have to learn how to be an extrovert when going to parties with her. You’ll be socializing with various people at a party because she knows a lot of people. However, there are still some ABGs who choose not to party at all, but those are often rare to find. 


Taking lots of selfies

ABGs like taking selfies and posting them on social media platforms. When dating an ABG you need to be photo-ready all the time because you’ll take a lot of selfies together. You’ll also become her personal photographer on various occasions. 


Hair color 

Lastly, ABGs are not new to hair color. They often change hairstyles and hair color. Sometimes she might even ask you to have a matching hair color with her. 


Can you endure dating one? Let us know in the comments section.

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