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Daytona at South Forbes Golf City: Experience the stylish Miami lifestyle from the comforts of your home

We reward ourselves with the comforts of travel, so why not make those comforts your home?

The truth is that the pleasure and thrill that we seek abroad are more than available in the tropical paradise that is the Philippines. Resting on the picturesque heights of Silang, Cavite, for instance, is a lush pocket of nature’s finest views — just imagine: clear blue skies, the cool mountain breeze, and the wonders of natural greenery sprawling over the hillside. This is what you can expect to find in Cathay Land’s South Forbes Golf City, a private residential development that presents globally inspired boutique communities, alongside world-class amenities that cater to the needs of your day-to-day living. 

Covering over 250 hectares, it is no surprise that South Forbes offers a plethora of conveniences that make for an easy daily routine. Everything is nearby — from local shopping centers to supermarkets, salons, and even laundry shops. It has long been obvious that the idea for an exclusive bustling city has already been set into place.

But more than that, there is one eye-catching luxury, in particular, that the South Forbes community is proud of. And that is the masterfully planned South Forbes Golf Club that features an award-winning 18-hole golf course, which offers not only the satisfaction of being one of the country’s best golf ranges but also an expansive space of leisure and luxury. With a range that reclines against the natural slopes of the Cavite hillside, the golf course doubles as a landscaped marvel as well as a residential sporting club.


Daytona: The beach-inspired home of your dreams

If there is one thing to admit, then it is the fact that almost everyone has dreamed of having a beachside home close to the city. Of course, most of the time, this is harder said than done; but ultimately, nothing is impossible. Offering to help you realize this dream is Miami’s Daytona, a sleek and stylish architectural entry inspired by the dazzle of a flashy Floridan waterfront.



Featuring a clean geometric facade, this two-storey house is a residential study in tropical modernism. Large glass windows connect a practical living space with the highlights of the natural world.  Trailing along the same vein, interior furnishings have been planned to include borderless glass fixtures which showcase clean lines and open spaces. The minimalist color palette in white also emphasizes this, accentuating a leisurely environment that traverses the line between freedom and utility.



Meanwhile, in the surrounding brilliant outdoors, the community is in no lack short of tropical wonders. Aside from the freshly manicured pocket parks and palm trees lining the neighborhood, Miami also has its very own clubhouse, which features communal spaces and a swimming pool. 



Together, all of these call to mind the bright summery climate of the iconic Floridan city, making it perfect for those who want to turn their indulgent beach vacation to an everyday experience. Alongside Miami, South Forbes hosts a variety of international boutique communities with architectural aesthetics inspired by the uniquely individual cultures of Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Paris, among many others. 

Bring the world to your home with Cathay Land’s South Forbes properties. For more information on its exclusive gated communities, log on to, where redefined luxury awaits. 

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