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Discover fashionable Chinoy lifestyles with these 6 Chinoy influencers

Sometimes, some of us just love to scroll around and curate our social media feeds to that *aesthetic* perfection. 

During an age that’s getting more and more digital, it’s easy to find all sorts of passionate individuals showcasing their love for food, fashion, music, and all those other intricacies that make life meaningful. #blessed

Among these talents, of course, are some amazing Filipino-Chinese personalities that we just can’t get enough of. If you’ve ever wanted to sneak a peek at the tinghun of our dreams, or listen to a magical trilingual duet, then you’ve come to the right place! 

Here are six Chinoy influencers whose interesting lives definitely make that “follow” worth it:


1. Kryz Uy

Kryz Uy began her foray into the influencer life long almost at the very beginning of the game —  which, to be specific, was way back in 2009. Like most bloggers starting out, Kryz’s content initially revolved around bits and pieces of her life. Now, however, she is also recognized as one of the most popular fashion icons in the country! 

For the uninitiated, some of our favorite Kryz posts are her gorgeous tinghun celebration — aka Chinese engagement party — which was held in 2018 — and her adorable matchy outfits with her one-year old Scottie!


Source: Kryz Uy official website; @kryzzie, Instagram


Check out Kryz Uy’s Instagram here


2. Benedict Cua 

Chinoy vlogger Benedict Cua is a viral sensation. Not only does he have more than 1.58 YouTube subscribers but also over 3 million followers on TikTok and 600,000 on Instagram. In addition to quirky skits, mukbangs, and fun snippets about his everyday life, Benedict also shares some of his musical talent with both easy-listening covers and original singles. 

Speaking of musical talent, remember when we mentioned that impressive trilingual duet a couple of paragraphs back? Here’s a cover of “I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It (我多喜欢你, 你会知道)” from the original soundtrack of the C-drama A Love So Beautiful. The song is performed in English, Mandarin, and Tagalog!



Check out Benedict Cua’s Instagram here


3. Camille Co

Fashion. Travel. Life. These are three things that describe Camille Co’s eye-catching blog, which started out in 2011, and we love absolutely everything about it! From her sophisticated takes on the latest style trends to romantic views of her worldly travels, Camille’s documented pursuits of her days are definitely some of the most satisfying to keep watch. 

As evidenced by her portfolio, Camille has a wealth of experience as a leading Filipino-Chinese lifestyle influencer. For the aspiring Chinoy blogger, we offer a podcast episode of CHiNOY TV’s Rise Up with Janeena Chan, where Camille reveals her insights on starting a social media career despite initial reluctance from parents.

Your parents just care for you. They just need to understand that you’re going to be fine in life,” said Camille. 


Source: @itscamilleco, Instagram


Check out Camille Co’s Instagram here


4. Tricia Gosingtian

When it comes to the Philippine fashion blogger scene, one simply cannot not mention Tricia Gosingtian. As a social media star, style icon, and jet-setter, Tricia is known to be the “OG lifestyle blogger,” with a rich repertoire of skills in professional photography, blog-writing, and modeling, among others. 

As a veteran in the industry, you’ll discover Tricia’s works to be masterful finds. One of her latest projects is Hinhin, which serves as an ode to every quiet girl whose universe is hardly ever silent. Tranquilly whimsical, the online shop’s collection is a dream to be beheld —  and full of finds perfect for the wistful Chinoy girl looking out her window.  


Source: Hinhin


Check out Tricia Gosingtian’s Instagram here


5. Toni Sia

Toni Sia rose to fame as a YouTube lifestyle vlogger with a vast and entertaining collection of day-in-the-life episodes, fashion hauls, and makeup tutorials. Having gathered an audience of more than 600,000 subscribers, Toni is well on her way to making her mark in the Filipino blogging community as she continues her pursuits in fashion, fitness, and everything in between. 

In one of many fun videos, Toni shows the wonders of being able to serve up some striking looks for the summer! For the Chinoy girl looking for that fresh and radiant aesthetic, here’s a makeup tutorial just for you: 



Check out Toni Sia’s Instagram here


6. Ashley Yap 

Maybe you already know Ashley Yap as the daughter of actor Richard Yap; but beyond that, she is also a content creator whose roots in blogging have branched out to an active interest in lifestyle and fashion-themed YouTube vlogs. In addition to this, Ashley shows her love for caffeinated brews as an ambitious entrepreneur who runs the beverage shop South End Brews, which specializes in coffee and milk tea. 

Those curious would be pleased to find that there is just something rewarding about watching Ashley freely live her days. It just so happens that her bright and charming personality makes watching everything from her shopping hauls to home-friendly DIYs to food trips a delightful experience that you can’t help but rewind. As a spotlight on content that’s especially Chinoy, for example, why not take a peek at this crazy Binondo food trip?



Check out Ashley Yap’s Instagram here


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