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Discover Great Finds from These 3 Supply Stores!

Providing another chance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to shine, CHiNOY TV presents the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series, a project that puts the spotlight on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Enjoy an easy beginning to 2021 with nifty finds that will make aspects of your life more easy and convenient! Check out these three supply stores for all of your shop-managing, baby-caring, and house-cleaning needs:


1. Pop Shop Supplies

Shopee: @popshop.bubblewraps
Contact No: 09669004215

This quarantine-born business is perfect for your lockdown business needs! Pop Shop Supplies offers a variety of packaging materials — a definite necessity if your business had to pivot online and now does a lot of shipping. From bubble wraps to shipping pouches to packaging tape, Pop Shop Supplies definitely has it all! 

WHAT TO BUY: Pop Shop Supplies offers customers a wide variety of products that include bubble wrap, shipping pouches, packaging tape, fragile tape, thermal sticker waybills, plastic twine, trash bags, and more!

Pop Shop Supplies accepts orders online via their Facebook and Shopee accounts. 

2-ply bubble wrap by Pop Shop Supplies.



2. Cleanbaby

Facebook: @cleanbabyph
Instagram: @cleanbabyph
Shopee: @cleanbabyph

Founded by a first-time mother, Cleanbaby is an online shop dedicated to providing parents with everything they need to properly care for their newborns, toddlers, and kids! Prioritizing functionality and quality, this baby essentials store works to offer comfortable + fun supplies at affordable prices — no compromises, no frills!  

WHAT TO BUY: Cleanbaby is best known for its Dotted Series Collection, which includes a variety of minky blankets and pillows. Warm, fluffy, and fuzzy, some popular items from this collection are the Premium Dotted Blanket (P1,850), the Original Dotted Blanket (P600), and the Dotted Pillow (P600). The store also offers a wide range of muslins, diaper pants, washcloths, and toddler backpacks, among other baby care items.

Cleanbaby accepts orders online via their social media and Shopee accounts.

Bolster pillows by Cleanbaby.



3. BW Hard Water Descaler

Facebook: @cebudescaler
Shopee: @sabre6606
Contact No: 09776600016

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of limescale, rust, and all those other icky stains that are impossible to deal with? The answer is the BW Hard Water Descaler! Offering a safe alternative to harsh cleaning supplies like muriatic acid, this effective cleaner is an easy way to say goodbye to unwanted stains on your faucets, washing machines, floors, and more! 

WHAT TO BUY: The official Shopee store offers products, such as the BW Hard Water Descaler and Rust Remover (P269), the Washing Machine Clean Laundry Descaler (500mL – P285), and BW The Best Scrub Ever (P55).

BW Hard Water Descaler products may be ordered from its Facebook and Shopee accounts. 

BW Hard Water Descaler.


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