DLSU ENGLICOM’s 2021 Chinese New Year Celebration

The ENGLICOM Chinese New Year celebration definitely ended with a bang!

With students from various colleges in DLSU gathering together virtually, Englicom’s CNY celebration was able to shed light on the rich culture and tradition of the Filipino-Chinese community here in the Philippines. The Lunar New Year was celebrated for five straight days with various activities ranging from fun cultural games to informative workshops and seminars, all done via Zoom. 

The event opened with a classic Dragon Dance number wherein the participants must count how many time the dragon blinked as it danced to the beat of good fortune and luck.

For sure, all that counting made everyone hungry! Send Foods was the next event that day where participants find the odd one out from a list of Chinese food! This game had us shouting, “Send Foods,” because we really miss eating out in our favorite Chinese restaurants!

Money, money, money! The second day of the event opened with The Price is Right! From the cheapest items in Divisoria to the most expensive jewelries around Chinatown, Fil-Chis would know which streets to tread.

The third day of the event  featured LAI TSIA, a mukhbang game of Chinese food! The participants who attended the event got a taste of classic Chinese food.

Day four placed the participants at a very mind-boggling virtual escape room called Escaping the Great Wall. Participants were tasked to cooperate and utilize the power of teamwork in order to escape from the “Great Wall.” 

Of course, what is Chinese New Year without a game of raffle? The event ended with Wheel of Fortune where food, books, and Shopee vouchers were given away to the lucky participants.

ENGLICOM made it a point to not let Chinese New Year drift away without a proper celebration. That being said, we look forward to 2022, hoping we can celebrate together, in person!

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