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Don’t Miss Out on the Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2022 Live Coronation Night and the Episode 3 premiere of “Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart” series!

The siren calls as the Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Philippines’ (MMCP) coronation night is happening this October 30, 2022. Everyone is now thinking the same question on the fate of the candidates— who will come out on top and rightfully bear the crown?

As MMCP candidates start to prepare for this important evening that may change the trajectory of their lives forever, Miss Earth 2017 Winner Karen Ibasco (陳卿玫) stars in the third episode of  CHiNOY TV’s “Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart” series where she teaches the MMCP candidates one more thing that they need other than confidence to become the best versions of themselves: projection.

“All you gotta do is to project in the camera, look away, and fix your bow. Play with your eyes if you want,” says Ibasco while guiding the MMCP candidates in projecting themselves in front of the camera.

While confidence is important in becoming the best version of yourself, knowing how to project in front of the camera is an essential skill in making yourself charming for the audience to be enthralled of. Similar to all kinds of competition, the audience’s perception is important in guaranteeing your way to the crown. 

“Everyone is joining the race, but only one is gonna win,” reminds Ibasco.

What makes this year’s Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Philippines pageant different from the older ones is that the audience get to take a closer look at each candidate and know them better as individuals. This actually gives the opportunity for the MMCP candidates to show who they really are to the audience, build some sort of connection, passively charm their way to their hearts, and most importantly— win their approval.

“We wanted to show the other side of the coin— and to validate whether how the upper generation perceived it is actually the same with how the younger generations now live by,” says CHiNOY TV President Alvin Tan in a CNN interview.

“We do hope that they will represent the true Chinoy here in our country and then showcase their talents, skills, and achievements,” says Wilson Agbayani, Chairperson of Ms. Chinatown Foundation.

Watch the live grand coronation night of the Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2022 this coming Sunday, October 30 at The Solaire in Paranaque City at 7 pm. Tickets for the coronation night are selling out fast, so you better hurry and grab yours online only on the TicketWorld website! 

Moreover, don’t miss the Episode 3 premiere of the “Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart” docu-series also coming this Sunday, 8 pm on CNN Philippines.

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