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Dr. Beverly Ho, the Champion for Healthcare

With the arrival of 2021’s Year of the Metal Ox, CHiNOY TV has put together its inaugural CHY List, which aims to annually celebrate the achievements of 10 Chinoys who have all accomplished great things, inspired others, and made significant contributions to their respective fields and beyond. 

We will also be releasing individual features to highlight the accomplishments of each of this year’s CHY List honorees. Today, we shine the spotlight on Dr. Beverly Ho.

In light of the pandemic, Dr. Beverly Lorraine Ho may have been a name you’ve been hearing a bit more of in the last year. Ho is the Director of Health Promotion Bureau in the Philippine Department of Health. She works to provide evidence to support health care system reforms by designing innovative research grants and building institutional capacity for policy research.

The young doctor has been playing a vital role in the country’s battle against COVID-19 and she has held numerous conferences on behalf of the Department of Health in her capacity as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Health, Francisco T. Duque III. Ho’s efforts have greatly contributed to the passage of key legislation on sugar-sweetened beverage tax, universal health care, and the institutionalization of the health technology assessment in the Philippines. Her instrumental role in the Universal Health Care Act has earned her the role of Special Assistant to the Secretary of Health for UHC.

Before this, she was the technical assistant on health financing, maternal and child health, and health impact assessment to the Philippines and the Greater Mekong Sub-region while working with various international development agencies. Ho also co-founded Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes, a non-profit NGO that works to raise the profile of public health and develop a critical mass of public health professionals in the Philippines.



Her current titles and achievements come as no shock based on her high school alma mater, Chiang Kai Shek. Before she graduated in 2001, she already showed exemplary leadership, leading to her election as chairman of the High School Student Council.

She is also an alumnus of the University of the Philippines and earned her Masters in Public Health, Healthcare Policy, and Management from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in 2015. She was also a Fellow of the Yale Maurice Greenberg World Fellows Program 2019, which is Yale University’s prestigious fellowship program for rising leaders.

And rise she has. She has made a difference to better the healthcare situation in the Philippines amid the pandemic and beyond.


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In addition to celebrating the achievements of the Filipino-Chinese, CHiNOY TV also actively supports the Chinoy creative community. This year’s CHY List photos have been produced in partnership with Chinoy sketch artist Lexter Ang. For more of his works, check out his Facebook page Sketch with Lex!

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