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Dr. Ronald Cua: An esteemed Chinoy Yi Sheng of rehabilitation medicine

If you are from the medical field, specifically in the discipline of physical therapy and rehabilitation, you may have heard the name, Dr. Ronald Cua. He is one of the prominent names today when it comes to rehabilitation medicine in the Philippines and is currently a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist under the Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Dr. Cua attributes part of his success as a doctor to his Chinoy heritage. He is no stranger to the Chinoy family setup as his father is a pure-blooded Chinese while his mother is half-Chinese. “So there’s a mix of cultures, one Chinese, one Filipino,” he said. Following the stereotype among Chinoy families, Dr. Cua’s parents were both disciplinarians as he grew up in a strict household. Despite this, he is still very much grateful for his Chinoy upbringing which allowed him to reach his success today.

“The most important thing that I learned from my parents and our Chinese culture would be the value of hard work and it’s actually what brought me here today. It’s also the thing that brought me through medical school and the vigorous training of our specialty,” he shared.

The journey towards becoming a medical doctor is not for everyone. One has to climb a long, winding road before reaching success, going through primary education until college, and then entering medical school, followed by an internship and residency period, until finally being able to practice one’s specialty. Although things may get hard sometimes, this does not discourage Dr. Cua from pursuing medicine.

“What made me push through with it was seeing my patients get better and get well, improving their quality of life,” he shared. 

Dr. Cua has been practicing rehabilitation medicine at the CSMC for two to three years already. Their Department of Rehabilitation Medicine prides itself in being one of the country’s leading physical rehabilitation centers with state-of-the-art equipment and treatment plans. 

Dr. Cua and the rehabilitation medicine team utilizes numerous therapeutic and physical modalities to treat all kinds of pain, disabilities and the diverse range of physical rehabilitation issues of their patients. More recently, the CSMC Rehabilitation Department introduced the interventional musculoskeletal ultrasound to treat chronic pain disorders. It is also one of the few rehabilitation centers in the country that uses robotic training to give a more modern and holistic treatment approach to their patients.

This makes the CSMC Rehabilitation Department a cornerstone of the medical institution and one of the most distinguished and highly-regarded rehabilitation centers in the Philippines, earning the trust of thousands of patients who were able to enjoy one of the best rehabilitation treatments in the country through the CSMC.

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