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Easy Hairstyles by C-drama Female Leads That You Can Try

It’s not a secret that many Chinese drama viewers find a lot of hair, fashion, and beauty inspirations from the female leads. They have simple yet distinct and charming styles. Besides changing up your hair color, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to refresh your appearance is to change your hairstyle. Luckily, these C-drama female leads have trendy hairstyles that you can take inspiration from to revamp your current look.

Here are 5 easy hairstyles from C-drama female leads that are perfect for any hair length: 

1. Si Tumo’s half-bun hairstyle

In Put Your Head On My Shoulder, Si Tumo’s trendy and stylish wardrobe is well-loved by fans because it matches her bright and creative personality. Her signature half-bun hairstyle ties her whole look together. You can try this half-bun hairstyle by separating your bangs or fringe first, so they can frame your face well. Start parting your hair at your temples and twist the sectioned hair into a bun. Then, secure your half-bun with a hair tie and bobby pins. And you’re all set!

Courtesy of Tencent Video

2. Bei Weiwei’s half-up, half-down hairstyle

Bei Weiwei from Love O2O looks elegant and stunning with her half-up, half-down hairstyle. It’s the perfect hairstyle for anyone who wants to spice up their look quickly and effortlessly. Part and separate the front parts of your hair depending on its thickness. Pull these sections away to the back of your head and tie them with a hair tie or clip them with bobby pins. You can also add a bow, style your bangs or fringe, and curl the ends of your hair to recreate her signature look.

Courtesy of JSTV

3. Dong Shancai’s mini side braid

Meteor Garden (2018) has gained a lot of popularity for its iconic scenes and eye-catching fashion. Many viewers have paid a lot of attention to Dong Shancai’s hairstyles and outfits because of how pretty she looks. If you’re running out of hairstyle ideas for your short hair, you can try Shancai’s mini side braid. Start by sectioning a chunk of hair on your preferred side. Separate this chunk into three pieces and start braiding your hair. Before crossing a section over to the center, pull the first three braided sections and expand them to make them look voluminous. Once your expanded braid reaches the middle, you can start braiding normally and tighten up the rest of the braid.

Courtesy of Hunan TV

4. Cai Minmin’s high ponytail

Cai Minmin from Find Yourself is well-known for her persistent, bold, and cheerful attitude. With Minmin, who is always on the go, a high ponytail is suited for her busy life as a university student. Pull your hair up and make sure to align it to your cheekbones diagonally. Smoothen the top and bottom of your hair before you wrap it around a hair tie. Spray it with hairspray if you want to keep your high ponytail flawless all day. 

Courtesy of Hunan TV

5. Chen Qingqing’s clipped-back bangs

If you want an everyday hairstyle that’s simple and easy, Accidentally in Love’s Chen Qingqing has you covered! Pull your bangs to the back of your head and tie it with a hair tie or secure it with a bobby pin. This hairstyle is good for anyone who wants her bangs away from her face with minimal effort. 

Courtesy of Tencent Video

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