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Embrace Your Chinoy Roots With Teresita Ang See In Chinese By Blood, Filipino By Heart S4

Written by: Angelo Yanga

“There are three simple ways to make a positive impact on society: First, respect your roots, know your past, learn from your heritage and traditions. Second, make a positive impact and contribute by doing what you do best. And third, always take the chance to help others,” shared Teresita Ang See, a social activist and the Founding President of Kaisa Para Sa Kaunlaran.

This year, we are focusing on #ROOTS, featuring the rich and diverse Filipino-Chinese culture. We explore how Chinoys integrate into modern society and contribute to meaningful social changes.

And we start off with Teresita Ang See who is renowned for her positive contributions to the Filipino-Chinese community. The social activist takes pride in both her Chinese blood and Filipino identity.

Staying Grounded With Her Chinoy #ROOTS

“Here, the younger generation is rooted in the soil. They must be educated as Filipinos but, at the same time, imparted with the value of respecting and taking pride in their Chinese cultural heritage,” shared Ang-See.

You can trace Filipino-Chinese history back to ancient times, even before the Spaniards arrived. It began with Chinese traders intermingling with the local Filipinos, being referred to as “Sangleys” during the Spanish era, and witnessing the emergence of influential Filipino-Chinese families who played (and continue to play) significant roles in the country’s economic development.

With this rich history, Ang-See wants Chinoys to stay grounded with their #ROOTS as it can help them embrace who they are and become more confident in their purpose in modern society. Indeed, the Filipino and Chinese communities have deep #ROOTS that have had a profound impact on economics, culture, and social development in the Philippines.

Preserving The Filipino Chinese Heritage

“I’m proud of the dual heritage that has shaped who I am. I am rooted in my Chinese-Filipino dual heritage by understanding my past, learning about the history of the Chinese in the Philippines, speaking Hokkien and Mandarin, and leveraging my Chinese roots in interacting with others,” said Ang-See.

As a member of the Chinoy community, Teresita Ang See is passionate about preserving the Filipino-Chinese heritage through the Kaisa Para Sa Kaunlaran organization. The organization focuses on documenting the tangible and enduring impacts of the Chinese on Philippine history, society, culture, and politics. Ang-See is also actively involved in preserving the history of Chinese culture in the Philippines as she oversees the Bahay Pinoy Museum of the Chinese.

If Ang-See has a message for the younger generation, she would encourage Chinoys to actively engage in bridging Filipino and Chinese cultures and to be proactive participants in this advocacy.

Ang See has had an interesting life story, having long served as an instrument for social change. The first episode of CHiNOY TV’s Chinese By Blood, Filipino By Heart S4 will also feature Cecilio Pedro, the President of FFCCCII (Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc), and Pastor Content Creator Dennis Sy.

If you want to learn more about their stories, join us on May 28, 2023, at 8 pm for the premiere on CNN Philippines. You can also follow our social media accounts for further updates. 

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