The Chinese-Filipino community has long been one of the largest ethnic Filipino groups in the Philippines making up 2.5% or 2 to 2.5 million of its total population. The more prominent Chinese in the Philippines are typically known as business owners whose lives center largely on their respective family businesses, and altogether, they control 60% of our private economy. A handful of these entrepreneurs run massive companies and are respected prominent business tycoons in the Philippines. In fact, nine out of eleven of them made it to the Forbes list in 2015. When asked, they attribute their success in business to frugality and hard work, Confucian values and their traditional Chinese customs and traditions.

The past years have shown that the presence of Chinese in the Philippines could only get better. We have seen the emergence of second generation businessmen, new developments in entertainment centers and real estates in the Chinese center of Binondo and the arrival of more Chinese brands and companies in the country. More importantly, there has been a growing sense of pride and nationalism even among the youth.


Chinoy TV is a Chinese-Filipino lifestyle magazine program that explores and shares the diverse cultures, old and contemporary, of Chinese and Filipinos in the Philippines. It began and made a name as a television program in 2010 but is now a swiftly growing multiplatform agency that provides relevant and practical information about people, food, travel, health and events in and outside the Chinoy community.


To bridge the Chinese and Filipino communities even further by being a multiplatform tool of mutually informative topics that uphold their rich cultures, talents and achievements while providing a collaborative preview of their busy, everyday lifestyle.


To be the leading multiplatform media agency serving the Chinese-Filipino community.


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