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Mr. & Ms. Chinatown

Mr. and Miss Chinatown is a beauty and talent search that aims to discover the best male and female Chinoys to represent beauty in diversity and create a positive influence on the Chinese-Filipino community. Touted as the search for the…

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Little Mr. & Ms. Chinatown

The most important and influential agents of change will always be the youth and the family unit. As such, the Miss Chinatown Foundation, Inc. believes that it can further expand its sphere of positive influence through the Little Mr. and…

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Chinoy Star Ka Na

Created in December 2013, Chinoy Star Ka Na aimed to search for the next big star in the entertainment industry while promoting Chinese culture. It was a reality show for both male and female hopefuls, aged 16-25 and 14-23, respectively.…

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Lit Up Page

Practically speaking, finance is the single most important element in business. And with the latter being a staple in the Chinese-Filipino community, financial literacy should be put high on every entrepreneur wanna-be’s priority list. This was one of the factors…

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Chinoypreneur Challenge is a concept developed by Chinoy TV, Mansmith and Fielders Inc. Go Negosyo, PFA and the FFCCCII in 2011 and 2012 with the primary objective of promoting entrepreneurship to the youth and impart the business secrets of successful…

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Health &Wellness

Aside from their outstanding culinary and firm grasp of business, the Chinese are known for their extra attention to health and wellness. The Health and Wellness Day campaign of Chinoy TV put that into practice back in 2015 by bringing…

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