5 Things Monolid Girls Should Have in their Makeup Kit

By Rebecca Lee 20 July, 2017

It took me years to figure out how to put makeup on my monolid eyes. Through the years, I've had my own fair share of makeup disasters: cat eyes that made my already small eyes look like slits, misplaced sparkly eyeshadow that made my eyes look droopy, and smudged eyeliner that made me look like a panda.

After years of trial and error, I now feel more comfortable putting on makeup on my eyes. I owe this to the countless YouTube tutorials and some makeup workshops I attended. I also learned that some products really make or break your look.

Below are the five products that have helped me achieve my desired look for my monolid eyes.


1.) Eye Primer 
No matter how perfect your eyeshadow and eyeliner application is, it all becomes futile when everything smudges into an oily, abstract art by midday. Applying eye primer eliminates that problem.
The NARS Pro-Prime Eyeshadow Base is my personal favorite.  It's very lightweight and blendable. It doesn't affect the color of the eyeshadow, but it gets the job done. Recently, I went on a trip out of town and forgot to pack this. Within a few hours, it was as if I never even put eyeshadow in the first place!
2.) False Lashes + Glue
Makeup tutorials talk about how to "open up" the eyes. For me, nothing makes a more profound effect than falsies. 
I'm not particular with the brand of falsies, because even falsies without fancy brand names do the trick. What I'm more particular about is the glue. I love the DUO eyelash glue, and the makeup artists I've worked with all recommend it, too. DUO is a best-selling, waterproof false-lash adhesive. It does everything an eyelash glue should do!
A little goes a long way, it's not gooey, and it's easy to take off in the evening. It doesn't pull off your real lashes.
3.) Eyelash Curler


I skip the mascara because the falsies already do the trick. But if I skip curling my lashes, my lashes and the falsies would look like a disheveled maze of hair. The solution is to skip the mascara but to curl my lashes and add the falsies. It takes only a few seconds, and I don't have to worry about clumpy mascara that expires so quickly!

4.) Matte Eyeshadow


My favorite thing to do with my eyeshadow is a matte horizontal gradient. I use a darker shade (Nooner) on the bottom lid and a lighter shade (Limit) at the upper part of the lid. I blend them to avoid harsh lines, and I also make sure that the colors I use are from the same color family. This helps add dimension to my eyes, and it’s also very easy to do. 

5.) Eyeliner

Nothing comes close to Bobbi Brown's Long-Lasting Gel Liner. It really doesn't smudge—especially when I use a primer. So far, it’s the only eyeliner that worked on me.


Which of these products do you use? Do you have any recommendations not included in this list? Let me know in the comments--I'd love to learn more about monolid makeup products I should try next!

Graphics by Joeby Gabriel
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    Let me name a few of the classics: that little black dress, white sneakers, charm bracelets, leather watches; the list goes on. When it comes to make-up, though, apart from that “red lip classic thing that [he] likes”, there’s the smokey eye trick. And although it’s hard to do, girls are just plain crazy about it. No wonder the internet is brimming with tutorials on it.

    Chinitas, however, find a little trouble keeping up because most of the how-tos available do not cater to girls with Chinita (or hooded, as most people call it) eyes. Fortunately, Tina Yong, an Asian Makeup goddess based in Sydney, Australia, have heeded our plea and posted a tutorial that got a whopping 2 million views!

    Now, to make it even easier for you, we’ve created a step-by-step guide, based on that tutorial, to achieving your look to the next party. Read up and thank us later!

    Step 1:


    If you want to keep your smokey eyes from smearing, apply a pale, neutral color, matte primer (Tina used the Mac Soft Ochre) and blend with your fingers. Apply over your lids and under eyes to make sure your make up stays until the end of the party. 

    Step 2:


    First, set the base with a cream or flesh color eye shadow (Tina used Free Spirit from Sephora’s Tartelette eye shadow palette). Apply all over the lid.

    Second, using a blending brush (Tina’s is a Mac #217 brush), apply a light brown eye shadow (Tina got Wanderer from Sephora’s Tartelette), as your transition color, above the crease line that you have.

    Tina Trick: Relax your eyebrows and look straight ahead so that you can see your crease line better and easily find where you need to apply the transition color. If you don’t have a crease line, apply it where you think your socket line would fall.

    Tina Trick: For the hood part (that space between your brow bone and the inner lid), always opt for matte eyeshadow and never opt for anything shimmery as this would only reflect the light and defeat the purpose of the smokey eye makeup which is to create some depth in the area to make the eyes look bigger.

    Third, create a “fake socket line” by applying warm brown and chocolate (Tina used Dreamer + Multitasker from Tartelette) eyeshadow mixed together, using the same brush, on the outer corner of your eye. Then, pull it up and bring it in above your crease line. You create more depth here. Since you have Chinita eyes, you need to bring the shadow up more since Chinita eyes tend to have more space for the lids.

    Tina Trick: Be light-handed and don’t go too far up to leave a good space between the eyebrows and the eyeshadow.

    Lastly, deepen the socket again with a darker color, specifically dark plum (Tina used Bombshell from Tartelette), going in with the same technique on the outer corner.

    Tina Trick: Be careful with the shape you’re trying to create. If you wanna make your eyes look longer, pull the eyeshadow out a little bit. If you’re going for a more rounded eye look, bring it in and round it up a bit more.

    Step 3:


    After putting the drama on the hood using matte eyeshadow, you may now add some glow onto the inner lid (under your crease line) and the inner corner of your eyes with a shimmery eye shadow in warm beige with a frost finish (Tina used Shroom from Mac). This time, you need a small eyeliner brush (Tina’s is a Sigma E10). The highlight must be concentrated on the inner corner of your eyes; so start applying in there. Then, with whatever is left on your brush, apply the color to the rest of the inner lid. This technique brings a bit of attention to the area and will help make the hood look bigger.

    Tina Trick: NEVER use shimmery colors up on the hood if you don’t wanna end up with the wrong look. I repeat: NEVER use shimmery colors up on the hood. Save the shimmer for your inner lids. 

    Step 4:


    Using the same colors applied on the hood and following the same order (Step #2), put the drama onto your under eyes or lower lid as well.

    First, apply light brown eyeshadow (Wanderer) on the lower lash line, blending it finely. Use a shader lid brush (Tina used Sigma E56). This is like contouring the eye area and helps make your Chinita eyes look a little bit bigger.

    Second, apply warm brown + chocolate (Dreamer + Multitasker) eyeshadow on the outer corner, then drag it into the center. Let the color be concentrated on the outer corner to create more depth.

    Finally, pick the dark plum (Bombshell) eyeshadow and apply it closer to the lash line, again to create more depth (which is the goal of this whole thing, really). 

    Step 5:


    Using a black liquid eyeliner with a very fine brush tip (Tina recommends Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner), define your eyes a bit more. Go in small strokes and stay really, really close to the lash line to create more – you guessed it – depth.

    Step 6:


    Now, to finish your look, bring in the (false) eyelashes. We know you’re already fabulous as you are; but if stealing the show is the name of your game, this trick will get you saying checkmate. As Tina emphasized in her tutorial, the lashes are important especially for Chinita eyes since they take more to look bigger and more open.

    First, curl your lashes before applying the false eyelashes to avoid the double lash effect.

    Next, add some falsies. Tina used Valentino from Lash Bunny.

    Lastly, apply a layer of mascara on the lower lashes to add definition, since the upper lashes are full and you don’t want the lower lashes to look like it missed the memo.

    There you have it! Let your eyes be the life of the party. Go capture everyone with that Chinita charm.

    What make-up trick do you want to see on our blog next? Let us know through the comments!

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