5 Chinoy Fashion Designers to Follow

By Michelle Tan 16 August, 2017

Contrary to the common stereotypes about Chinoys, the new dynasty of Chinoys have already been tapping their right brain more often to unleash their creative side. Aside from dancers and painters, there are a lot of Chinoys who have excelled in the fashion industry.

These Chinoys broke the norm by shining in the fashion industry and expressing their idea of beauty through their award-wining works of art. Are you attending a big event soon? Are you planning your own debut? Or are you dying to know the latest trends in the fashion industry? Here are five Chinoy fashion designers that you should follow:

1. Edwin Uy (@edwinfuy)

Like most Chinoys, Edwin also studied in Chinese schools and are friends with a lot of Chinoys, who eventually became his regular clients. He has always love oriental inspirations, which he sometimes fused with modern trends to produce his awe-inspiring creations. As a fashion designer, he has already made his mark in the field of bridal and pageantry. Since 2011, he has won countless of awards ranging from Best Designer, Best National Costume and Best Evening Gown for multiple pageants such as the Mutya ng Pilipinas, Binibining Pilipinas, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Global, Miss Grand International and Miss World Philippines.

2. Jian Lasala (@lasala_label)

Jian’s great grandparents have greatly influenced his Chinoy values. These values taught him to do his best, to be passionate in what he loves to do and to continuously build a greater version of himself. On the aspect of style, he developed the principle of minimalism (“less is more”) and the importance of being elegant than trendy, both of which he has applied in his designs. Jian is the founder and owner of three fashion brands, Lasala Label, Lasala Bridestory and Freetown Connection Clothing. His designs have been highlighted across different Fashion Week in Hong Kong, Phnom Penh, the Philippines, and in International Beauty Pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss Supranational, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Cambodia.

3. Popo Go (@popogomanila)

Having both Chinese parents, Popo was raised in a Chinese household and was very much immersed in the Chinoy culture. As a designer, he is known for his eye-catching Swarovski crystal embellishments and bustier-based fitting. His clients are a mix of Chinese and Filipino clients, as well as celebrities including none other than Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera, Lea Salonga, and Kim Chiu, among others. Popo used to join the Philippine Fashion Week from 2007 to 2013 covering both men’s and women’s wear.

4. Rosenthal Tee (@rosenthaltee)

The ability to endure and adapt to change are what Rosenthal believes to be culturally rooted in being a modern Chinoy. As a modern Chinoy, she is part of the generation that seeks to honor tradition, while at the same time forging new beginnings of her own. As a designer, she has been creatively expressing these ideas of shifting attitude into her works. Rosenthal has been part of numerous fashion show including the Mercedes Benz Style Show, Metrowear Luxe Show, and the New York Fashion Week.

5. Naomi Ng (@ngnaomidesigns)

Naomi’s parents are both from Hong Kong, but she was born and raised here in the Philippines. As a designer, her designs reflect Hong Kong’s contemporary society, which allows designers not to hold back on their creativity and quirk. With this, Naomi aspires to freely express her ideas and create designs while taking in consideration the need for functionality of fashion forward Filipinos. She started her fashion career as an intern under Bang Pineda’s styling team before she started designing for the Fashion Week. At the age of 21, Naomi has already designed numerous pieces for both the Chinese New Year Show and Pilipinas Men’s Fashion Week from 2015-2017. She also designed the winning suit of Mr. Chinatown 2016, Louie Ngo.


These Chinoy designers are some of the few designers that were chosen to showcase their collection in the upcoming Chinatown Ball at Solaire Grand Ballroom. The event will be attended by VIPs in the Filipino-Chinese community, as well as the thirty candidates of this year’s Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017. What are you waiting for? Follow their social media accounts and watch out for their latest collection.

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  • Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Pageant Voting: How to Vote and Use the Chinoy TV App

     After months of preparation, we are one week away from crowning the next pair of Chinoy ambassadors during the coronation night this coming September 1 at The Theatre, Solaire. Indeed, the pageant has lived up to its theme, #NewDynasty, as it continuously surpassed what it has accomplished in the past years. 

    This year, the pageant has received a lot of support that has allowed for it to grow and accomplish bigger things. The organizing team introduced the first voting application, which you can download right to your android smartphones starting August 25. By having this app, you can vote for your favorite candidate, male and female, using a reloadable virtual or physical card to help them get a coveted spot in the Top 12 during the coronation night. For the first time in the Mr. and Ms. Chinatown history, 6 males and 6 females will make it to the final round at the coronation. Two candidates will quality for the top 12 by garnering the most number of votes until the cutoff on August 31, 11:59pm.

    To make this possible, the pageant will launch the Chinoy TV app, where the supporters can register for an account, load up their cards, and vote for their chosen candidate.  For more information on how to accomplish these steps, follow our instruction below. 

    Download the Chinoy TV App (Link will be available August 25)

    Before you can start loading your virtual card and voting for your candidate, you must create an account by clicking “Register an Account” and fill-out the necessary fields.


    How to Load Your Virtual Card

    From the Main Menu, choose “View My Card” to view your virtual card details.

    Visit any of the following branch below and deposit the amount of your choice using the account numbers provided.


    Account Name

    Account Type

    Account Number


    OmniPay, Inc.




    OmniPay, Inc.



    Asia United Bank

    OmniPay, Inc.



    Eastwest Bank

    OmniPay, Inc.




    OmniPay, Inc.



     *Some of these banks are open during the weekends.

    Scan the deposit slip and include the following information:

    1. User ID
    2. Card number (found on virtual card issued)
    3. Mobile number
    4. Requested load amount


    Send the scanned copy of the deposit slip along with your other details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    *Kindly note that the crediting will be done in two batches. All deposits from 9am to 12nn will be credit by 1-3pm, while deposits from 12nn-4pm will be credit by 5-7pm.


    How to Vote for Mr. and Ms. Chinatown


    Select your favorite candidate and click the VOTE button under the profile to proceed.

    Select your preferred vote package and confirm. Remember to check your card balance before you vote.

    From the Main Menu, choose “Mr. and Ms. Chinatown”

    Once successful, check your vote history to confirm.

    Should you decide to get a physical OmniPay Prepaid Card, you can proceed to the main office of Fil-Chi Media Productions Inc. (Chinoy TV) located at Unit 1124 Tytana Plaza, Binondo Manila and bring the following:

    1. Two copies of valid ID

    2. One-time payment of Php100.00

    You will have to activate your OmniPay card first before you can proceed with your transactions. The card will automatically be activated upon initial loading of the card If you are issued with a virtual card, you may also load via ECPay. Just remember to provide the following information:

    1. Expiry Date (MM/YY)

    2. CVV (3-digit number)

    3. 16-digit Card Number

    4. Mobile Number

    You can load up your card in any ECPay merchant. You can download all the files HERE  for more information about the App's terms and conditions, FAQs list of Bancnet ATMs, and list of ECPay merchants.

    The amount you can withdraw or purchase depends on your card balance. However, there are certain transaction limits imposed by the Acquiring bank and this should be considered.

    What are you waiting for? Download the app as soon as it Is released and vote for your candidate! Every vote counts.

  • Mr. & Ms. Chinatown 2017: Talent Competition x Fashion Show

    The road to the coronation night is closer than ever. After series of pocket events starting from the press presentation, cultural costume competition down to the Chinatown Ball, the candidates once again showed that they have the rightful claim to the crown through the Talent Competition x Fashion Show at the Lucky Chinatown Mall last August 20, 2017.

    Lucky Chinatown Mall was already filled will the candidates’ supporters way before the event started at 4:30pm.

    Hosted by ABS-CBN Sports Action and Chinoy TV Host, Janeena Chan, the event started off with video presentations of the candidates’ past journeys, showing their growth during the past month. The candidates prepared 14 different performances, some of them were solos and others were in groups, and they were evaluated based on the following criteria: Creativity for 50%, Stage Presence for 20%, and Audience Impact for 10%.  


    The pool of judges was comprised of Fitflop’s Brand Executive, Ruth Sanchez, Assistant Vice President of Bee Choo Origin, Rhoda Viernes, Marketing Manager of Oriental Group, Jay Ang, President of Chinese Retired Teachers Association, and Talent Center Manager of Solaire, Sandy Hontiveros. Among the 14 performances, three performances stood out and was awarded as the top 3 best in talent. These three performances were (in no particular order) the following:

    Taekwondo Exhibition and Dance number from Candidate #7: Angela Elpa


    Magic Duo Act from Candidate #4: Clarence Lim and Candidate #7: Derrick Pua


    Aerial Hoops Act from Candidate #6: Unity Ong Tan Ka


    The grand winner will be announced during the coronation night this coming September 1 at The Theatre, Solaire.

    Other talent performances include group dance performance from four female candidates Kate Au, Jillian Chua, Charmaine Hong and Jesslyn Lee; group percussion performance from three candidates Jacob Munez, Melany Sy and Audrey See; group song number of the nostalgic F4 songs by seven candidates, Joy Wu, Philipp Licaros, Allen Wu, Andrew Co, Vic See, Patrick Rogando, and Martin Sy; group dance number of Despacito from Lance Soriano, Patricia Balay and Maryss Ong; solo song performances from Jonathan Lim, Justin De Jesus, Conikka Lagamayo, Shelby Hernandez, Stanly Quisora, and Morgan Gan; and violin and dance number from Kency Ongkeco.


    After 14 wonderful performances, the candidates also had a fashion show brought by Fitflop and Bee Choo Origin by Primer Group. They modeled Quicksilver, Roxy, Prana and Columbia Sportswear. 

    Towards the end of the program, special awards were given to the deserving candidates, which embodies what the sponsors are looking for as their brand ambassadors.

    Candidate #4 Clarence Lim and Candidate #7 Angela Elpa bagged Mr. and Ms. Fitflop

    The next special award was presented by Bee Choo Origin to the candidates who have shown that they are perfectly handsome and beautiful with their natural hair. The winners are Candidates #5 Jacob Munez and Patricia Balay. Another special award from EB Naturals was presented to Candidate #8 Charmaine Hong and Candidate #11 Andrew Ryder Co as both candidates have shown their naturally beautiful skin throughout the event. Lastly, Mr. and Ms. Blackwater awards were given to candidates, who have proven that they can stay fresh and smelling good despite all their pageant duties every week. The awards were presented to Candidate #3 Jillian Chua and Candidate #8 Lance Soriano.

    With four events down, there is only one major event left – the coronation night. Tickets are already available via Ticketnet http://bit.ly/2v6Vfbi. What are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now and witness the rise of the #NewDynasty this September 1, 2017.  

    The event would not be possible without the following:

    Presenters : ChinoyTV, MCF and Oriental Group
    Co-Presenter: Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., Fit Flops , Bee Choo Origin
    Venue Partner: Lucky Chinatown Mall


    Photos by Larry Leong

  • Chinatown Ball 2017
  • Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 Candidates

    Chinoy TV, Miss Chinatown Foundation, and Oriental Group present Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 in cooperation with co-presenters Solaire Resort and Casino and Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. The pageant officially presented thirty talented hopefuls for this year’s Mr. and Ms. Chinatown pageant at Solaire Eclipse Bar last August 8, 2017.

    Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017: New Dynasty

    More than finding ambassadors, who possess the Chinoy brand of beauty and excellence, the pageant aims to strengthen the fusion of the Filipino and Chinese culture, as well as the modern and traditional times. More importantly, the pride in the Chinoy heritage. Now on its fourth year, the pageant is once again looking for the next batch of ambassadors, who embody the unified culture of Chinoys.

    What sets this year’s pageant apart is the focus on each candidate’s unique #NewDynasty story and advocacy. Apart from that, this year’s search has reached wider grounds as there are six representatives from both Cebu and Davao.  Visit Mr. and Ms. Chinatown’s Facebook page to read more about their stories.

    This year’s theme, New Dynasty, aims to focus on Chinoy millennials, who are young, innovative and ready to conquer the world. They pursue their passion while perfectly embodying both Filipino and Chinese values. The #NewDynasty of Chinoys are eager to strive and find their place in the current society more than just by taking over their family business or winning competitions. More than a pageant, it is a movement, which aims to highlight and appreciate the diversity of modern Chinoys. Chinoys who are open, creative, not afraid to try new things, but are all bonded by one thing – their Chinoy roots.

    Press Presentation

    The event started with the candidates’ opening act wearing Rosenthal Tee’s modern rendition of the traditional cheongsam. Candidates were asked to introduce themselves in both Mandarin and English. After which, any member from the audience can test their wits through the question and answer portion.


    The event was hosted by Valerie Tan and Willord Chua and was also graced by reigning Mr. Chinatown 2016, Louie Ngo, who provided his personal tips and words of encouragement to the thirty candidates.

    After the successful event and question and answer portion, two candidates were awarded as Darling of the Press 2017. Candidate #15, Joy Tan Wu and Candidate #5, Jacob Munez, both won the hearts of the press as they answered each question.


    Pageant Pocket Events

    Aside from the coronation night, which is scheduled on September 1 at The Theatre, Solaire, the candidates will be having mini events, which are set to showcase their talent, creativity, and wit. Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 will have its Cultural Costume Competition on August 13 at Eastwood Central Plaza to showcase both modern and traditional Chinese-Filipino outfits; the first-ever Chinatown Ball on August 16 at Solaire Ballroom to model the breathtaking designs of Chinoy designers; and a Talent Competition on August 20 at The Lucky Chinatown Mall to share their personal skills and talents.

    Photo by Larry Uy Leong

  • Miss Chinatown 2016 Winners Share Their Beauty + Style Secrets



    Last year, during Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2016, they were the women who outshone the others. Now, they're spilling the secrets behind their glow―their beauty regimen, go-to ensembles, etc.―that make them ready for the spotlight. Chinoy TV asked Miss Chinatown 2016 winners, Lin Zeng and Pichie Lim, to get a tip or two on achieving the charm that is totally (Phoenix) crown-worthy!


    With her porcelain skin, it's a surprise to find out that Lin Zeng actually chooses not to go through the pains of thorough and expensive skincare most girls covet. For her, some moisturizer and a ready stash of wet wipes to rid her face of the dirt would be enough to maintain her glow. When asked what she never forgets to carry on her bag, though, she named sunblock, eyebrow pencil, and lip tint as her trusted, everyday tools. She personally loves the lip tint from the Korean brand, Chateau, for its cute packaging apart from its quality. Like every girl who takes her skin seriously, Lin Zeng has managed to create a routine in terms of caring for her skin. Everyday, upon waking up, she washes her face and makes sure to apply toner and lotion after to seal in the moisture. She also makes sure that she never forgets putting on a beauty mask twice or thrice a week, as she believes that this makes her skin "smooth and flawless." 

    Looking forward

    A post shared by Hello people have a happy day® (@linlinlin.z) on

    In terms of style, Lin shares that she doesn't actually have a style icon. In her own words, "[She] just wears what [she] feels is good." Given that she's a Fashion Design student, as she mentioned during our #ChinoyProfiles interview with her, we believe she knows the way to go. And we've got receipts:

    Waiting for you

    A post shared by Hello people have a happy day® (@linlinlin.z) on

    Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you.

    A post shared by Hello people have a happy day® (@linlinlin.z) on


    A post shared by Hello people have a happy day® (@linlinlin.z) on

    merry Christmas everybody 🎅

    A post shared by Hello people have a happy day® (@linlinlin.z) on



    For Pichie, cleansing―both external and internal―is a major part of her beauty regimen. Every morning, she washes her face with Pond's or Celeteque facial wash and applies Nivea Face Sun Block before leaving the house. She does the same routine every night before going to bed but also adds a Korean or Celeteque toner to the equation. And, instead of sun block, she gets her Celeteque facial moisturizer for the finishing touch. When there's some time to spare, she also pampers her face with a mask from Face Shop. Throughout the day, Pichie makes sure that she accomplishes her favorite beauty tip, and that is to drink lots of water. As she says, "My favorite beauty tip is very simple and it’s to always stay hydrated. I believe that water is the cure to everything. It replenishes our cells, boosts our immune system, and removes the toxins inside our bodies." Pichie also swears by some natural beauty hacks such as the classic lemon or cucumber eye patches! 



    When asked what she always keeps in her vanity kit, on the other hand, she mentioned: wet wipes, mints, tissue, alcohol, toothbrush and toothpaste, and some makeup products. Since she's not that much into make-up (YET) and just puts on those that help keep her fresh at school, she only carries with her these basics: L'Oreal True Match foundation, IN2IT BB Cream, Maybelline eyebrow pencil, and Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie from Happy Skin. When talking about her favorites, though, Pichie picked IN2IT's 2-way eyebrow pencil which, according to her, is very easy to use and defines her brows well, and L'Oreal True Match foundation which she could trust to last the whole day. Another make-up product that she loves are eyeliners. She even admitted that she feels more confident when wearing them!

    Now, when it comes to style, Pichie looks up to Kendall Jenner the most. This is because the young Kardashian seems to be very effortless about her looks but always manages to slay it. Inspired by this, Pichie opts for the laid-back and no-frills ensemble. As she shares, "My go-to ootd is a basic white/black shirt with skinny jeans or shorts, because I’m always in a hurry and I’ll choose comfort over fashion most of the time."







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