A quick and easy tutorial on making Stuffed Chicken

By Joser Ferreras 26 June, 2017

Looking at the standard menus of restaurants serving authentic Chinese or Filipino cuisines, it will take only a matter of seconds to see one or more items that make use of chicken as their ingredient. The usually mild flavor that comes with it when cooked on its own is one that many chefs enjoy working with for the prevailing reason that it can absorb just about any taste it's mixed with.

At one of our recent kitchen sessions with celebrity chef Bruce Lim, King Chef Seafood Restaurant and Lee Kum Kee, we were fortunate to be able to work our hands around a mighty piece of chicken and put as much flavorings as we could to take full advantage of its meat. And what better way to combine those flavors than stuffing them into it by hand? Watch the video below!

Hungry yet? To make your own Stuffed Chicken at home, here is a full list of what you will be needing:


1 whole chicken, deboned
Salt and pepper


100g fresh mushrooms
100g rice
50g glutinous rice
80g sweet potato
10g ginger
500g Lee Kum Kee Soup Base for Chicken Hotpot or Lee Kum Kee Chicken Soup Base
50g olive oil (for searing)

Braising liquid

250g Lee Kum Kee Soup Base for Chicken Hotpot or Lee Kum Kee Chicken Soup Base
25g Lee Kum Kee tomato garlic
30g Lee Kum Kee Panda oyster sauce
30g Lee Kum Kee Premium soy sauce
10g garlic
30g onion
1g thyme

Cooking Instructions

1. Mix all ingredients for stuffing in a saucepan and cook until the rice is ready. Set aside to cool.
2. Stuff the mixed ingredients into the chicken by hand, season with salt and pepper and tie the chicken with twine.
3. Heat the wok and put the chicken in. Sear all sides of it until slightly brown and then set aside.
4. In the same wok used, combine all the ingredients to produce the braising sauce.
5. Add the chicken back in with the sauce and let it braise for 45 to 60 minutes.
6. Pour in the rest of the soup base and simmer until the sauce has been reduced.
7. Serve with three to four kinds of vegetables and the remaining stuffing. Enjoy!


Did you like this tutorial? Or do you have suggestions on what we should we prepare next? Share them with us!

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