3 Things Nicole Cordoves Learned from Pageants

By Rebecca Lee 14 July, 2017
Photo by Larry Leong
Words by Rebecca Lee
A lot of people know Nicole Cordoves as Philippines’ representative to Miss Grand International 2016, where she won first runner-up. This victory made her known to pageant fanatics. Since then, she has expanded to being a model, host, and brand ambassador. She is now a Manila Bulletin Correspondent and a PLDT Home Fibre Ambassador.
But before all that happened, Nicole was once Ms. Chinatown 2014. More than capturing this title, Nicole has managed to capture the hearts of the organizers behind the pageant. They’ve often spoken about Nicole’s professionalism, talent, and warmth.
As the pageant organizers welcomed the new contestants for the Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 pageant, they invited Nicole to share some tips. 
The tips Nicole shared are insightful and helpful—even to those who have no plans to join pageants.

1.) Look at the bigger picture. 

Nicole reminded the contestants that when they join a pageant, they are committing to an organization. Because of this, they have to ask themselves, "How can I contribute?" instead of "What can this organization do for me?" 
Some pageant will last for weeks, others for months. But what happens after the coronation night? Will the organization want to work with you? Will they recommend and refer you to others? Were you pleasant and professional at work?
"You are the one who will give meaning to the crown," Nicole said.
This is why for Nicole, the contestants should think of the pageant as a stepping stone, not as an end goal. 

2.) Be yourself--but better.

After the experience in the pageant, Nicole said, "You will not be the same person." 
Because of this, Nicole encouraged the contestants to be open to changes and to stop limiting themselves. Some contestants limit themselves by saying, "I'm not confident. I'm awkward onstage." They say this as if their weaknesses couldn't be changed. 
Nicole emphasized the value of practice. Even confidence can be practiced, she said. She recalled all the times she rented a dance studio to practice her walk from 10pm to 1am. She shelled out her own money to rent the studio, and found herself a mentor to give her feedback. 
Eventually, all the details about her walk became muscle memory to her. She looked confident and felt confident. She was no longer overthinking. She was enjoying herself onstage. 
This was only possible because she recognized the problem and solved it by practicing.
Practice endlessly, and a lot of things will eventually become muscle memory. You can improve on your weaknesses.

3.) Tell the world your story.

Nicole shared how being a contestant immediately puts you in the spotlight. You are given the opportunity to inspire others and to champion causes that are close to your heart.
This is why Nicole advised the contestants to look within themselves and analyze what causes and advocacies they hold dear. Why do these causes and advocacies matter to them?
“Don’t be afraid to tell the world your story,” Nicole said. You can do this through interviews, through social media, and even through casual conversations you encounter daily. 
This is why it has to be something truly close to your heart.
What was your favorite tip from Nicole? Let us know in the comments!
Want to see more of Nicole? Check out our favorite looks here!
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  • #ChinoyProfiles: Daryl Ong on His Career and His Music

    Chinoys are largely known for their knack for business. When Chinoys are being talked about, the themes of hardwork, frugality, and fortune almost always come in. Recently, though, Chinese-Filipinos are also becoming recognized more and more for their talent in the performing arts and entertainment. Needless to say, they got the distinct Chinoy charm that doesn’t fail to make audiences tick. One of the Chinoys that have made a name in this industry is Daryl Ong.

    Chinoy TV caught up with the Chinoy RnB sensation to know more about his musical journey.

    Daryl started out his singing career in 2009, joining a band. Several years and band shifts after, he got the chance to be part of The Voice which eventually launched him to stardom. When asked about this journey and this sudden rise to fame, Daryl has this to say:

    Nakaka-stress psychologically rin. Tska physically rin. Yung lagi kang tensyonado, lagi kang kabado. Although nakaka-stress siya, malaking tulong siya sa pag-grow mo as an artist. Kasi mas matututo kang i-overcome yung kaba. Pagka-live, ‘pag nagkamali ka, yun na yun, wala ka nang magagawa about it. So, natuto kami talagang i-handle yung pressure, maging mature din kung paano alagaan yung sarili namin, para paghandaan yung isang malaking performance. Ngayon ko nafeefeel yung, kumbaga nag-bunga yung effort na ginagawa ko dati. So, parang sa wakas na-reach ko rin sila. Sa music ko.

    The singer also said that apart from launching him to his dream career and life, he wants his music to become his means of affecting the lives of others. As he puts,

    Personally, ‘pag may problema ako or happy ako, feeling ko naa-amplify kapag nakikinig ako ng music na relevant dun sa nararamdaman ko. Being an artist, parang gusto ko ring maka-inspire ng maraming tao. Kunwari depressed sila, tapos napakinggan nila yung kanta ko. Kumbaga, pwede silang mas malungkot pero in a way, mas narelease nila yun. Or ‘pag happy sila, nanliligaw sila, ‘pag inspired sila, maririnig nila yung kanta ko, mas nararamdaman nila yung pagiging inlove, parang ganun ko siya naiisip. Gusto kong maka-affect ng maraming tao sa pagkanta, sa music.

    When asked what makes him busy, on the other hand, Daryl has this to say:

    Andaming work. Nandiyan yung ASAP Soul Sessions, nag-record kami nung kailan ng album for a teleserye rin. Sobrang focused talaga ako ngayon sa music. Kasi, dito dumarating yung maraming blessings. Sa album, parang apat na kanta dun ako yung nag-sulat.

    Daryl was born into a family bonded by the shared love for music. When asked about his fond memories as a child in such a household, he shared,

    Sa mga kantang natatandaan ko nung bata pa ako, yung ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You’. Kasi laging kinakanta ng erpat ko. ‘Pag inaayusan niya ako papuntang school. Lagi niyang sinasabi, “O, kanta ko ‘to sa mama mo eh.” Ganyan. So, parang naging favorite ko yun. Bata palang, mahilig na akong kumanta kasi yung mama ko, kumakanta sa church. Tapos kapag nagre-rehearse sila, sumasama ako. Nakabuntot ako sa ermat ko lagi. Yung papa ko mahiyain eh. So, mahilig lang siya. Andami niyang casette tapes sa bahay. Ang hilig niyang makinig ng iba’t ibang klase ngmusic. Pero yung lakas ng loob kumanta, sa mama ko yun.

    We also asked Daryl about his Chinese roots, about which he said:

    Hindi kami traditional. Hindi namin pina-practice ‘yung strict tradition ng Chinese family, Chinese na community. Kasi, yung mom ko, Filipina. Alam naman natin na kapag traditional, usually ang gusto nilang mapapangasawa yung Chinese din. Siguro yung mga pagkain, Chinese food, mahilig kami. Yung lolo’t lola ko, si Kongkong, si Ama, mahilig silang magluto ng mga Chinese food. Mixed na eh. May Chinese tradition na nakuha namin, marami ring Filipino. Kumbaga hybrid na.

    Daryl also gave credit to his Chinese roots and values for the success that he already enjoys now. He believes that his qualities of being hardworking and driven are carried by his Chinese blood. Although these qualities seem to be of greater importance in business, Daryl said that they greatly help him in building his music career, as these drive him to be really hands-on in terms of the craft that he puts out. He also shared that it’s really important that one does what he loves.

    Indeed, Daryl is leading an inspiring life – a Chinoy story many can watch to be prompted to also do what they truly want to do in life.

  • #ChinoyProfiles: Enchong Dee Talks about Being a Chinoy and His Role in Mano Po 7

    In 2013, the pop-rock singer Yeng Constantino released her single Chinito that unexpectedly launched or, more accurately, boosted a craze that still burns to this day – the crowd’s, especially teenage girls of course, apparent infatuation with guys with a Chinese descent. Yeng also revealed that it was Enchong Dee who inspired her to write the song. Producers saw this as a call for a response. Hence, Enchong’s single Chinito Problems; which, to his astonishment, launched him to his dream singing career, as it eventually turned into a full album, his self-titled debut, that was launched in October 2014. Then, the rest just followed: his two-night concert, his freshly launched second album, and a handful of projects plus a business venture in between.

    We know him primarily for his charm and the fact that his is the face that pops up whenever we hear the term Chinito. And although that is something that he also celebrates, Enchong tells us, in this interview, that being a Chinito is so much more than meets the eye.

    On his singing career

    Following the success of his first album, Enchong, to his fans’ excitement, launched his second album entitled EDM (Enchong Dee Moves) last July. The album celebrates the athlete-turned-model-turned-actor-turned-singer as a performer. He also describes the album as his token of thanks to his fans who has been there for him for the past 10 years. When asked if a singing career is something that he’s expected to have all along, Enchong said:

    “Ever since, I really wanted to have an album. I really like watching people perform live. That keeps me energetic, on fire. I think, performers have this different drive when they’re on stage. I feel like I belong to the stage also. So, sabi ko, I’m gonna do this whatever people say or whatever people think about it, pero this is what I want to do and this what I feel like or love doing. So, sabi ko, most of the songs, the performances, the music videos that I did are really for the fans, for all the people who supported me for the past ten years that I’m in the business. So, sabi ko, I will continue doing my best kahit na alam kong hindi ako nagsimula sa ganitong lugar. Kumabaga hindi ako nagsimula sa ganitong field.”

    On being a Chinito

    The pop-rock singer’s single, Enchong’s response which gained as much positive feedback from the audience as the original song, his subsequent projects which seem to follow the same theme and portrayed him the same way, all worked together to turn him into essentially the poster boy for Chinito. We asked him what it’s like to be in that position and he enthusiastically replied:

    “Well, I think it’s weird. Considering that the Chinese-Filipino community plays a great role in the Philippine society, especially in terms of the economy, yet we don’t have that celebrity figure. I mean, yes, we had Lucio Tan, Henry Sy. But for the celebrity, walang masyadong face to represent this community. So, I’m really thankful. Nung shinoo-shoot nga namin yung Chinito music video, we started from 10pm to 6am. Talagang nilaban namin na magkaroon ng music video and, for quite a while, naging parang national anthem ng buong Pilipinas yung Chinito, ‘di ba? So, I’m really glad that I’m one of those Chinito na talagang naging figure head ng Filipino-Chinese community. And then, after that, sila Richard Yap, Xian Lim, Kim Chui, ‘di ba marami naman talaga. So yun, I’m just so glad that after a while, nagkaroon na ng figure head ‘yung Chinese-Filipino community and I’m more than happy to represent our community.”

    He also shared that being a Chinito means so much more than having slanted eyes and that Asian charm. There are also Chinese-Filipino values that distinguish him as an artist.

    “I think, number one is ‘yung manners. The way that you represent yourself in front of your audience. I think, Chinoys are very composed, very proper. That’s one. Number two, ‘yung you never stop. ‘Di ba? I think that’s our distinct characteristic na, ‘pag Chinoy, you don’t stop at where you are now. You continue to grow. You continue to level up and, I think, that’s very important. I think that’s also the reason why from being an athlete, to a model, to an actor, to a performer, I am now venturing into business. It’s simply because that’s (one of) our characteristics, ‘di ba? And I’m glad that, slowly, people get to embrace what I do. I think that’s also one. And the third would probably be the traditions – we celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, we celebrate Chinese New Year, kapag birthdays naka-red. ‘Yung mga ganun.”

    Mentioning that he’s now venturing into business, he also added that it’s his Chinese-Filipino roots that should also take credit in his success.

    “I think, there’s a certain connection with, for example, business partners. Once they know that you’re Chinese-Filipino, there’s an instant connection on topics, on business matters. I’m glad kasi hindi naging mahirap sa’kin ‘yung pag-pasok, pag-venture out. And I’m hoping na there’s another one before the year ends.”

    On the upcoming Mano Po film

    We also got word that the actor will be starring in the next Mano Po film, Mano Po 7: Tsinoy, on which he said:

    “It was a dream of mine. Hindi pa ako artista, pinapanood ko na ‘yung Mano Po sila Sharon, sila Zsa-Zsa. Lahat sila naging parte ng Mano Po. And, ‘yung Mano Po, hindi siya ‘yung may magawa ka lang na pelikula. It’s a quality film. And it shows to the entire Philippines kung ano ‘yung mga sacrifices, kung ano ‘yung paghihirap. Kasi, usually, ang nakikita lang natin ‘yung success. Hindi natin alam na behind that, there’s a lot of struggles, there’s a lot of problems. And I’m glad na now, for December, I’m going to be a part of Mano Po, which tackles that. And it’s focused on the perspective of a guy naman.”

    On his character and how he could relate to it, on the other hand, Enchong shared:

    “Well, it’s very far from who I am, for one. But, number two, it’s very relatable nowadays. How? ‘Cause I (the character he is going to portray) am involved into drugs. I’m an addict. As you can see, our news right now are very much covered by drug-related topics; so, I’m glad ‘cause ‘yung binibigay saakin ng Regal, alam mo ‘yung alagang alaga. ‘Yung kwento rin namin is very competent when it comes to other films. Siguro ‘yun lang muna yung masasabi ko pero I’m excited for this film. I’m preparing so much for the character, so I’m hoping that people would get to recognize it.”

    It’s apparent that Enchong Dee doesn’t want to stop. Therefore, there’s so much more to expect from this dynamic jack of all trades. For one, he is planning to open his third restaurant branch. We can also now look forward to his next teleserye which, as he shared, will also be starred by Bea Alonzo, Ian Veneracion, Julia Barretto, and Iza Calzado. Enchong also said that he’s working on another movie but kept mum about the details. We bet he wants us to enjoy the anticipation. In terms of love life, however, Enchong said that he opts to take a break first and focus on his laurels.

    With everything that Enchong is juggling, it’s inspiring to see him work hard to excel in every area. This unstoppable drive to level up and better himself is a manifestation of his Chinoy roots; and this makes him worthy to be called the face of the Chinese-Filipino community.

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