#NewDynasty of Chinoys

By Michelle Tan 15 July, 2017


dy·nas·ty \ˈdī-nə-stē

Whenever we hear the word “dynasty”, we can’t help but tie it with China’s long list of emperors or even with Chinese in general. While we don’t really treat Chinoy families in the Philippines as dynasties, we can’t deny the fact that Chinoys do make up a certain percentage of the Philippine population. Some, such as the taipans and government officials, are even famous enough to shape this country’s economy.

The word Chinoy itself shows the mixture of both the Chinese and Filipino culture. They grew up in a totally different setting of having to assimilate both cultures and successfully merging it to what they have right now. Most, if not all, have likely learned several languages growing up – Fookien, Mandarin, English and Filipino. They learn Fookien with their parents and Mandarin, English and Filipino from their schools.  Throughout the years, numerous stereotypes have been formed around these Chinoys. People always assume that they are good in math as evidenced by countless of math Olympiads who are Chinoys. If not, people think they are all rich businessmen basing it from Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, George Ty and John Gokongwei. However, things have already been changing.

These Chinoys are already moving out of stereotypes. They are more than just math Olympiads, tycoons, hardware owners, or businessmen. This new dynasty of Chinoys are also venturing to modeling, media, arts, fashion, and sports. You have the likes of Janeena Chan (TV and Events Host), Valerie Chua (Painter), Christina Dy (Dancer), Rosenthal Tee (Fashion Designer), Chris Tiu (Basketball Player), Gretchen Ho (Former Athlete and TV Host), and of course, Nicole Cordoves, Ms Chinatown 2014 and 1st runner up of Miss Grand International 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the #NewDynasty of Chinoys.

These Chinoy millennials are young, innovative and ready to conquer the world. They pursue their passion while perfectly embodying both Filipino and Chinese values. The #NewDynasty of Chinoys are eager to strive and find their place in the current society more than just by taking over their family business or winning competitions. They have remarkable stories and goals that are definitely worth looking into.

That is why the theme of this year’s Mr. and Ms. Chinatown pageant will focus on #NewDynasty. Every year, the pageant is looking for Chinoy ambassadors, who embody the qualities that personify the Chinoy culture and who possess the Chinoy brand of beauty and excellence. More than finding ambassadors, the pageant aims to strengthen the fusion of the Filipino and Chinese Culture, as well as that of the modern and traditional times. It aims to be fresh and inclusive. 

More than a pageant, we are a movement which aims to highlight and appreciate the diversity of modern Chinoys. Chinoys who are open, creative, not afraid to try new things, but are all bonded by one thing – our Chinoy roots.

Once again, the pageant is about to introduce the new batch of hopefuls, who are part of this #NewDynasty of Chinoys that are eager to share their stories and advocacy to the Chinoy community.

Are you part of the #NewDynasty of Chinoys? Share your stories below! Follow @chinoytv and @mrmschinatownph for more updates about the pageant and welcome the rise of the #NewDynasty

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  • Chinatown Ball 2017

    This year's Mr. and Ms. Chinatown pageant won’t settle for anything less as it organized the first ever Chinatown Ball at Solaire Grand Ballroom last Wednesday, August 16. The Ball welcomes its guest to a night of glamour, compassion and sophistication, and allowing them to witness the fusion of two cultures, where classic meets contemporary. The event was created not only to feature the creations of the featured designers, but also to pay tribute to the charity institutions, Filipino-Chinese Home for the Aged and Old Folks House, which will benefit from the event.

    The ball showcased the photo and art exhibit, as well as the music ensemble outside of the ballroom area during the cocktail hour before hosts Nicole Cordoves, Miss Grand International 2016 First Runner-Up, and Tim Yap, TV and radio hosts, welcomed the guest inside the ballroom for the model tableau.


    The program started with welcome remarks from the Board Director of Solaire Resort and Casino, Donato Almeda, Chief Operating Officer of Chinoy TV, Loraine Tan, President of Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc., Domingo Yap, and Executive Director of Miss Chinatown Foundation, Alexis Go. 


    The fashion runway was filled with beautiful and handsome models, who showcased the designs of our featured Chinoy designers, Jian Lasala, Naomi Ng, Ricky Abad, Ann Ong, Hoseki, Koi Swimwear, Edwin Uy, Popo Go, and Rosenthal Tee.

    Casual Street Chic Collection by Jian Lasala and Naomi Ng


    Swimsuit Collection (Male) by Ricky Abad x Ann Ong

    Swimsuit Collection (Female) by Koi Swimwear x Hoseki

    Formal Chic Collection by Edwin Uy

    New Dynasty Collection by Popo Go and Rosenthal Tee


    Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Candidates Formal Wear

    Special awards, such as the Star of the Night, were also given during the night to honor guests, who have truly embodied what the celebration is about with their look and have shown that they are just as ready to face the #NewDynasty just like the candidates of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown.

    Four candidates were also given special awards by sponsors, Jesi Mendez and Revlon Professional. The official salon partner of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017, Jesi Mendez, awarded Candidate #13 Patrick Rogando and Candidate #12 Kency Ongkeco, as the new male and female ambassadors of Jesi Mendez, as both candidates showed that they are indeed ready to accept change to become better versions of themselves. 


    The official hair partner, Revlon Professional, also awarded two candidates, Candidates #15 Martin Sy and Joy Wu, as Mr. and Ms. Revlon, as both candidates have shown their beautiful and well-taken care hair despite being exposed to different activities during their journey.


    Aside from the candidates, models, and reigning Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2016, Louie Ngo and Lin Zheng, the night was also completed by the attendance of past winners such as Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2013, Randy See and Rolini Pineda, and Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2014, Kurt Ong and Nicole Cordoves.

    The night was truly one for the books. It was a night worth remembering for the Chinese-Filipino community. It was a night of elegance, culture and charity.



    Photos by Rv Mitra and Larry Leong

  • Mr. & Ms. Chinatown 2017: Cultural Costume Competition

    As the pageant nears the scheduled coronation night this coming September 1, the candidates are also getting busier preparing for the mini pocket events, such as the Cultural Costume Competition. The competition was held last Sunday, August 13, at Eastwood Mall, Quezon City. All thirty candidates paraded their elaborate and artistic ensembles, that represent the merging of both Chinese and Filipino cultures, and their interpretation of the New Dynasty.

    The event was hosted by beauty and lifestyle vlogger and TV host, Valeria Tan. Each candidate was given their chance to walk down the runway and project their chosen cultural costume in front of the audience and judges. The judges were comprised of fashion designer, Yuri Dela Luna; personality coach, motivational speaker, actor and director, Manu Respall; administrative manager of Oriental Group, Ron Lim; veteran host and writer in the Filipino-Chinese Theatrical Stage Works, Anthony Tiu; and President and CEO of Richwell Trading Corporation, Myrna Yao.

    Each candidate was judged based on their costume (40%), stage presence (30%), adherence to the Chinese-Filipino culture (20%), and audience impact (10%). Among the thirty candidates, six shall emerge as winners, three for the male category and another three for the female category.

    The top 3 candidates for the male category are the following:

    Candidate #13: Patrick Rogando

    Designed by Patrick Isorena, his battle suit is a combined representation of the Maguindanao’s Moriones festival and the Han Dynasty warrior, accentuated with blue, which symbolizes healing, trust, wisdom, and long life.

    Candidate #3: Justin De Jesus

    Designed by Rei Agustin, Justin’s costume is of a modern Chinese prince, which fits the new dynasty because of its colors.

    Candidate #2: Jonathan Lim

    Few creatures rival the dragon in ferocity, mystery, and scope of fascination than the dragon. Which is why couturier Arnu Camay and costumer Aldo Loquinario have tapped into its power to create Jonathan’s stunning mythological warlord's armor. The costume represents a warrior of intense determination that is as fierce as a dragon, who will fight against intolerance, stereotypes and apathy in the new dynasty.

    The top 3 candidates for the female category are the following: 

    Candidate #11: Conikka Lagamayo

    Designed by Frankie De Leon, Conikka’s costume picks out all the good elements of the Chinese art of painting, with cutouts inspired by a goldfish, a popular motif in the Chinese culture that represents wealth and prosperity. The red color represents happiness and good fortune. Her overall costume was completed with the native Filipino fan, abaniko, as its headpiece.

    Candidate #12: Kency Ongkeco

    Designed by Amir Sali, Kency’s gown represents a shy girl at a glance, but as you get closer to the details, it reveals the transformation from a shy girl to a peacock, which symbolizes the eyes of the stars. The bright colors represent a bright personality, and depending on the light reflection, the gown can transform into an array of different colors.

    Candidate #3: Jillian Chua

    Designed by Edwin Uy, the gold costume symbolizes both the Maranao tribe and Chinese royalty. It also has a touch of red, which symbolizes happiness just like in big Chinese celebrations.

    Aside from this Cultural Costume Competition, the candidate are scheduled to showcase their talents this coming Sunday, August 20, at the Lucky Chinatown Mall. Follow @mrmschinatownph for more updates!


    Photos by RV Mitra and Larry Leong

  • Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 Candidates

    Chinoy TV, Miss Chinatown Foundation, and Oriental Group present Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 in cooperation with co-presenters Solaire Resort and Casino and Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. The pageant officially presented thirty talented hopefuls for this year’s Mr. and Ms. Chinatown pageant at Solaire Eclipse Bar last August 8, 2017.

    Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017: New Dynasty

    More than finding ambassadors, who possess the Chinoy brand of beauty and excellence, the pageant aims to strengthen the fusion of the Filipino and Chinese culture, as well as the modern and traditional times. More importantly, the pride in the Chinoy heritage. Now on its fourth year, the pageant is once again looking for the next batch of ambassadors, who embody the unified culture of Chinoys.

    What sets this year’s pageant apart is the focus on each candidate’s unique #NewDynasty story and advocacy. Apart from that, this year’s search has reached wider grounds as there are six representatives from both Cebu and Davao.  Visit Mr. and Ms. Chinatown’s Facebook page to read more about their stories.

    This year’s theme, New Dynasty, aims to focus on Chinoy millennials, who are young, innovative and ready to conquer the world. They pursue their passion while perfectly embodying both Filipino and Chinese values. The #NewDynasty of Chinoys are eager to strive and find their place in the current society more than just by taking over their family business or winning competitions. More than a pageant, it is a movement, which aims to highlight and appreciate the diversity of modern Chinoys. Chinoys who are open, creative, not afraid to try new things, but are all bonded by one thing – their Chinoy roots.

    Press Presentation

    The event started with the candidates’ opening act wearing Rosenthal Tee’s modern rendition of the traditional cheongsam. Candidates were asked to introduce themselves in both Mandarin and English. After which, any member from the audience can test their wits through the question and answer portion.


    The event was hosted by Valerie Tan and Willord Chua and was also graced by reigning Mr. Chinatown 2016, Louie Ngo, who provided his personal tips and words of encouragement to the thirty candidates.

    After the successful event and question and answer portion, two candidates were awarded as Darling of the Press 2017. Candidate #15, Joy Tan Wu and Candidate #5, Jacob Munez, both won the hearts of the press as they answered each question.


    Pageant Pocket Events

    Aside from the coronation night, which is scheduled on September 1 at The Theatre, Solaire, the candidates will be having mini events, which are set to showcase their talent, creativity, and wit. Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 will have its Cultural Costume Competition on August 13 at Eastwood Central Plaza to showcase both modern and traditional Chinese-Filipino outfits; the first-ever Chinatown Ball on August 16 at Solaire Ballroom to model the breathtaking designs of Chinoy designers; and a Talent Competition on August 20 at The Lucky Chinatown Mall to share their personal skills and talents.

    Photo by Larry Uy Leong

  • Chinoy Personalities on Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017


    We bet you've heard it enough from us―Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 really is going to be much bigger and, dare we say, better than its previous versions. With its wider range, going beyond the borders of Metro Manila and reaching as far as Baguio, Dagupan, Cebu, and Davao, there will surely be so much more on the table, not only in terms of the concept it will tackle, but also the characters and stories of the candidates who will grace the Mr. and Ms. Chinatown stage. Apart from that, this year's theme, New Dynasty, also carries a promise of bringing something that our audience has never quite witnessed before, capturing the dawning of a new generation of Chinoys who take pride in their tradition and, at the same time, ready to take on their role in the modern age.

    With this incredible vision, we made sure to ask Chinoy personalities, those who are considered the face of this new generation, about their take. And here's what they said. Also watch out for the sneak peek of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 from the Pageant Directress herself!

    GRETCHEN HO - Celebrity Host, Athlete


    What is the best thing about Mr. and Ms. Chinatown?

    The best thing about Mr. and Ms. Chinatown is that it’s a very special night where we can showcase the beauty of Chinoys and Chinays―all in one event. It’s a very good way also to promote Chinese-Filipino culture. And I think it’s the perfect way to enhance the relationship of Chinese and Filipinos here in the country. I love going and I love hosting the pageant because it’s so much fun! And, I think, it shows a different side to Chinese-Filipinos. When we’re conceived as very conservative, here we see creativity, we see beauty, we see the artistry of Chinese-Filipinos. It’s always also a very grand celebration where we appreciate Chinese-Filipino culture and it brings together the whole community. So, you can feel that we are here together as one.


    JANEENA CHAN - Blogger, TV/Events Host


    As one of the Chinoy influencers from the young generation, why do you think is it important for the Chinese-Filipino community to have its own cultural ambassadors?

    The Chinoy culture has a true unique identity of its own. How it has grown and evolved through the years to what it is today is highly credited to how our Chinoy leaders and 'ambassadors' in the past have done such a great job. To have more identified cultural ambassadors from our generation is merely us carrying over the torch, the best way we can... and one grand way of doing so is through participating and engaging in the Mr. and Ms. Chinatown pageant. 

    What do you think is the best/greatest thing about Mr. and Ms. Chinatown?

    It's a great platform to showcase how we are now as the new Chinoy generation. The competition's screening and training process also ensures that the ambassadors are holistic. As one of the hosts in last year's competition, I witnessed first-hand how talented, capable, and admirable our Chinoy generation has become, and I look forward to seeing how this year's pageant contenders will bring their A-game!


    LOUIE NGO - Mr. Chinatown 2016


    What is the best thing about being Mr. Chinatown? Tell us more about the best experiences during your term.

    Being Mr. Chinatown has opened different doors for me to explore not only in terms of career opportunities but also discovering more about myself. In this journey, I was able to try out modelling, acting, hosting and exploring the entertainment industry as a whole which I have never imagined myself of doing coming from a conservative Chinese family. Through this, I was able to discover my knack for hosting and is something I want to pursue for the long run. The best part of this journey, however, was having my advocacy project Lit Up: Financial Literacy Month. From advocacy to reality, this project, through my Chinito Speaks platform, has allowed me to interact with different Chinese-F ilipino students and shared with them my knowledge on financial literacy. Truly, becoming Mr. Chinatown was truly a life changing experience in so many ways. This year, another life will be changed and this could be you.


    HANNAH DY - Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017 Pageant Directress



    What excites you the most about Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2017?

    What excites me most about Mr. and Ms. Chinatown is getting to witness unique individuals, with different backgrounds and walks of life, grow into a more confident and mature version of themselves, as they go through their whole pageant journey. It is both an honor and privilege to have been given this opportunity to build up and express the Chinese-Filipino culture in a creative way through pageantry, enabling us to discover and explore an untouched side of our culture. As pageant director, I am indeed very excited about each and every aspect of this event. This includes all activities and events leading to the Grand Coronation Night! Our very first screening will be held this June 17, 2017 at the Golden Phoenix Hotel with about a hundred, yes 100, possible candidates attending!

    This year, we're also going beyond the boundaries of Metro Manila and opening our doors to different parts of the Philippines, specifically: Dagupan, Baguio, Cebu, and Davao. What's new is that we'll actually be conducting a Mr. and Ms. Chinatown-Davao for the very first time! We're truly going for a bigger and bolder version this year, making it more modern and unique. We'll also be introducing the very first Chinatown Fashion Ball, a charity ball. Last but not the least, we will be holding our Grand Coronation Night at The Theatre at Solaire on September 1, 2017, which will be broadcasted nationwide on ABS-CBN's Sunday's Best on September 10, 2017. We're really aiming for a bolder, new approach with this year's pageant, in line with the budding new generation and evolving culture of Chinoys. We are broadening our reach and upscaling the whole event! And, of course, we're also very blessed to have esteemed and established individuals such as our Creative Director, Paolo Valenciano, to support us in achieving our goal.

  • Miss Chinatown 2016 Winners Share Their Beauty + Style Secrets



    Last year, during Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2016, they were the women who outshone the others. Now, they're spilling the secrets behind their glow―their beauty regimen, go-to ensembles, etc.―that make them ready for the spotlight. Chinoy TV asked Miss Chinatown 2016 winners, Lin Zeng and Pichie Lim, to get a tip or two on achieving the charm that is totally (Phoenix) crown-worthy!


    With her porcelain skin, it's a surprise to find out that Lin Zeng actually chooses not to go through the pains of thorough and expensive skincare most girls covet. For her, some moisturizer and a ready stash of wet wipes to rid her face of the dirt would be enough to maintain her glow. When asked what she never forgets to carry on her bag, though, she named sunblock, eyebrow pencil, and lip tint as her trusted, everyday tools. She personally loves the lip tint from the Korean brand, Chateau, for its cute packaging apart from its quality. Like every girl who takes her skin seriously, Lin Zeng has managed to create a routine in terms of caring for her skin. Everyday, upon waking up, she washes her face and makes sure to apply toner and lotion after to seal in the moisture. She also makes sure that she never forgets putting on a beauty mask twice or thrice a week, as she believes that this makes her skin "smooth and flawless." 

    Looking forward

    A post shared by Hello people have a happy day® (@linlinlin.z) on

    In terms of style, Lin shares that she doesn't actually have a style icon. In her own words, "[She] just wears what [she] feels is good." Given that she's a Fashion Design student, as she mentioned during our #ChinoyProfiles interview with her, we believe she knows the way to go. And we've got receipts:

    Waiting for you

    A post shared by Hello people have a happy day® (@linlinlin.z) on

    Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you.

    A post shared by Hello people have a happy day® (@linlinlin.z) on


    A post shared by Hello people have a happy day® (@linlinlin.z) on

    merry Christmas everybody 🎅

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    For Pichie, cleansing―both external and internal―is a major part of her beauty regimen. Every morning, she washes her face with Pond's or Celeteque facial wash and applies Nivea Face Sun Block before leaving the house. She does the same routine every night before going to bed but also adds a Korean or Celeteque toner to the equation. And, instead of sun block, she gets her Celeteque facial moisturizer for the finishing touch. When there's some time to spare, she also pampers her face with a mask from Face Shop. Throughout the day, Pichie makes sure that she accomplishes her favorite beauty tip, and that is to drink lots of water. As she says, "My favorite beauty tip is very simple and it’s to always stay hydrated. I believe that water is the cure to everything. It replenishes our cells, boosts our immune system, and removes the toxins inside our bodies." Pichie also swears by some natural beauty hacks such as the classic lemon or cucumber eye patches! 

    Real eyes, realize, real lies.

    A post shared by Pichie Lorraine Lim (@pichielimmm) on

    Hey, daydreamer ☄️💫. 📸 by: @mayadstudios HMUA: @shao6

    A post shared by Pichie Lorraine Lim (@pichielimmm) on

    When asked what she always keeps in her vanity kit, on the other hand, she mentioned: wet wipes, mints, tissue, alcohol, toothbrush and toothpaste, and some makeup products. Since she's not that much into make-up (YET) and just puts on those that help keep her fresh at school, she only carries with her these basics: L'Oreal True Match foundation, IN2IT BB Cream, Maybelline eyebrow pencil, and Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie from Happy Skin. When talking about her favorites, though, Pichie picked IN2IT's 2-way eyebrow pencil which, according to her, is very easy to use and defines her brows well, and L'Oreal True Match foundation which she could trust to last the whole day. Another make-up product that she loves are eyeliners. She even admitted that she feels more confident when wearing them!

    Now, when it comes to style, Pichie looks up to Kendall Jenner the most. This is because the young Kardashian seems to be very effortless about her looks but always manages to slay it. Inspired by this, Pichie opts for the laid-back and no-frills ensemble. As she shares, "My go-to ootd is a basic white/black shirt with skinny jeans or shorts, because I’m always in a hurry and I’ll choose comfort over fashion most of the time."

    ☀️ Shot by @ranzlu

    A post shared by Pichie Lorraine Lim (@pichielimmm) on

    Just keep moving. ✔️

    A post shared by Pichie Lorraine Lim (@pichielimmm) on


    A post shared by Pichie Lorraine Lim (@pichielimmm) on



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